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Sex inequalities in physical and mental functioning of British, Finnish, and Japanese civil servants: Role of job demand, control and work hours

Journal Article published Aug 2011 in Social Science & Medicine volume 73 issue 4 on pages 595 to 603

Research funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science | Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (2551) | Gyllenberg Foundation | National Institute on Aging (AG13196) | Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare | Työsuojelurahasto (99090) | Health and Safety Executive | National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (HL36310) | Univers Foundation (98.04.017) | British Heart Foundation | United Kingdom MRC Research Professorship | Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (03/2059) | Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (HS06516) | Medical Research Council | Occupational Health Promotion Foundation | Academy of Finland (70631, 48600) | Department of Health | Economic and Social Research Council | John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation | Terveyden Tutkimuksen Toimikunta (1121748, 1129225)

Authors: Michikazu Sekine, Takashi Tatsuse, Sadanobu Kagamimori, Tarani Chandola, Noriko Cable, Michael Marmot, Pekka Martikainen, Tea Lallukka, Ossi Rahkonen, Eero Lahelma

Spatially restricted dental regeneration drives pufferfish beak development

Journal Article published 15 May 2017 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences volume 114 issue 22 on pages E4425 to E4434

Research funded by Leverhulme Trust (RPG-211) | Natural Environment Research Council (NE/ K014595/1, NE/L002450/1) | Royal Society (RG120160) | Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (10882/11622) | Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (4599)

Authors: Alexandre P. Thiery, Takanori Shono, Daisuke Kurokawa, Ralf Britz, Zerina Johanson, Gareth J. Fraser

Changes Over Time in Absolute and Relative Socioeconomic Differences in Smoking: A Comparison of Cohort Studies From Britain, Finland, and Japan

Journal Article published 13 Jan 2016 in Nicotine & Tobacco Research volume 18 issue 8 on pages 1697 to 1704

Research funded by Medical Research Council (K013351) | National Institute on Aging (AG13196) | Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare | Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (03/2059) | Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (2551)

Authors: Eero Lahelma, Olli Pietiläinen, Jane Ferrie, Mika Kivimäki, Jouni Lahti, Michael Marmot, Ossi Rahkonen, Michikazu Sekine, Martin Shipley, Takashi Tatsuse, Tea Lallukka

Space, People, Interventions and Time (SPIT): A Model for Understanding Children's Outdoor Play in Post-Disaster Contexts Based On a Case Study from the Triple Disaster Area of Tohoku in North-East Japan

Journal Article published 5 May 2014 in Children & Society volume 29 issue 5 on pages 434 to 450

Research funded by Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (8716/9392)

Authors: Helen Woolley, Isami Kinoshita

PCNA ubiquitylation ensures timely completion of unperturbed DNA replication in fission yeast

Journal Article published 8 May 2017 in PLOS Genetics volume 13 issue 5 on page e1006789

Research funded by Medical Research Council (G1100074) | H2020 European Research Council (268788–SMI–DDR) | Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (23-229) | Grants-in-Aid for Encouragement of Young Scientists ((A) 16H06151) | Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (15H06032) | Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (6174/10569)

Authors: Yasukazu Daigaku, Thomas J. Etheridge, Yuka Nakazawa, Mayumi Nakayama, Adam T. Watson, Izumi Miyabe, Tomoo Ogi, Mark A. Osborne, Antony M. Carr

Editors: Lorraine S. Symington

Sedimentary evidence for enhanced hydrological cycling in response to rapid carbon release during the early Toarcian oceanic anoxic event

Journal Article published Jan 2018 in Earth and Planetary Science Letters volume 481 on pages 162 to 170

Research funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (12J08818, 15J08821) | Natural Environment Research Council (NE/I02089X/1) | Sasakawa Foundation of Great Britain (4883) | Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (10960/12369)

Authors: Kentaro Izumi, David B. Kemp, Shoma Itamiya, Mutsuko Inui

Application of airborne photogrammetry for the visualisation and assessment of contamination migration arising from a Fukushima waste storage facility

Journal Article published Mar 2018 in Environmental Pollution volume 234 on pages 610 to 619

Research funded by Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (6102/12029) | UK NNL (NNL/UA/037) | Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/N509619/1) | Perry Noble Scholarship | Royal Society Industry Fellowship | NNL IR&D Programme

Authors: D.T. Connor, P.G. Martin, N.T. Smith, L. Payne, C. Hutson, O.D. Payton, Y. Yamashiki, T.B. Scott

A Longitudinal Study of Stargardt Disease: Clinical and Electrophysiologic Assessment, Progression, and Genotype Correlations

Journal Article published Jun 2013 in American Journal of Ophthalmology volume 155 issue 6 on pages 1075 to 1088.e13

Research funded by Foundation Fighting Blindness | Suzuken Memorial Foundation | Moorfields Eye Hospital Special Trustees | FFB Career Development Award | Institute of Ophthalmology | Fight for Sight | Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation | Mitsukoshi Health and Welfare Foundation | Macular Disease Society | National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre

Authors: Kaoru Fujinami, Noemi Lois, Alice E. Davidson, Donna S. Mackay, Chris R. Hogg, Edwin M. Stone, Kazushige Tsunoda, Kazuo Tsubota, Catey Bunce, Anthony G. Robson, Anthony T. Moore, Andrew R. Webster, Graham E. Holder, Michel Michaelides

Designing a Web-based Learning Support System for Flow-chart Proving in School Geometry

Journal Article published 16 Jun 2017 in Digital Experiences in Mathematics Education volume 3 issue 3 on pages 233 to 256

Research funded by Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (7599/8141) | Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Japan) (26590230, 16H03057, 15K12375, 16H02068,)

Authors: Mikio Miyazaki, Taro Fujita, Keith Jones, Yasuo Iwanaga

Comparison of the clinical effects of combined salmeterol/fluticasone delivered by dry powder or pressurized metered dose inhaler

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics volume 37 on pages 43 to 48

Research funded by Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (25-114) | Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Authors: Masayuki Hojo, Toshihiro Shirai, Junko Hirashima, Motoyasu Iikura, Haruhito Sugiyama