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Liminal geopolitics: the subjectivity and spatiality of diplomacy at the margins

Journal Article published 6 Nov 2016 in Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers volume 42 issue 1 on pages 139 to 152

Research funded by Royal Geographical Society | Oxford University Press

Authors: Fiona McConnell

Impact of seasonal variability and monitoring mode on the adequacy of fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing at aquifer-river interfaces

Journal Article published May 2013 in Water Resources Research volume 49 issue 5 on pages 2408 to 2423

Research funded by Royal Geographical Society | NERC U.K. Natural Environment Research Council (NE/I016120)

Authors: Stefan Krause, Theresa Blume

Application of Multistage Homotopy Perturbation Method to the Chaotic Genesio System

Journal Article published 2012 in Abstract and Applied Analysis volume 2012 on pages 1 to 10

Research funded by Royal Geographical Society (FRGS0409-106)

Authors: M. S. H. Chowdhury, I. Hashim, S. Momani, M. M. Rahman

Reconstructing paleoseismic deformation, 1: modern analogues from the 1960 and 2010 Chilean great earthquakes

Journal Article published Sep 2013 in Quaternary Science Reviews volume 75 on pages 11 to 21

Research funded by NERC (I00503X/1) | Royal Geographical Society | British Society for Geomorphology | Quaternary Research Association

Authors: E. Garrett, I. Shennan, E.P. Watcham, S.A. Woodroffe

Everyday Politics of (In)formal Marital Dissolution in Cambodia and Indonesia

Journal Article published 23 Jul 2013 in Ethnos volume 80 issue 3 on pages 293 to 319

Research funded by Royal Geographical Society | Asia Research Institute, Singapore | La Trobe University, Australia | Commonwealth Government Dept of Education Science & Training Australia

Authors: Katherine Brickell, Maria Platt

Reconstruction of late Pleistocene climate in the Valsequillo Basin (Central Mexico) through isotopic analysis of terrestrial and freshwater snails

Journal Article published Feb 2012 in Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology volume 319-320 on pages 16 to 27

Research funded by NERC (NE/C519446/1) | NIGFSC (IP/847/0505) | Royal Geographical Society

Authors: Rhiannon E. Stevens, Sarah E. Metcalfe, Melanie J. Leng, Angela L. Lamb, Hilary J. Sloane, Edna Naranjo, Silvia González

Do protected areas and conservation incentives contribute to sustainable livelihoods? A case study of Bardia National Park, Nepal

Journal Article published Oct 2013 in Journal of Environmental Management volume 128 on pages 988 to 999

Research funded by Rufford Small Grant | Royal Geographical Society | World Wildlife Fund

Authors: Shova Thapa Karki

Synthesis, Characterization, and Bioactivity of Schiff Bases and TheirCd2+,Zn2+,Cu2+, andNi2+Complexes Derived from Chloroacetophenone Isomers with S-Benzyldithiocarbazate and the X-Ray Crystal Structure of S-Benzyl-β-N-(4-chlorophenyl)methylenedithiocarbazate

Journal Article published 2013 in Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications volume 2013 on pages 1 to 13

Research funded by Royal Geographical Society (F0010.54.02)

Authors: Mohammed Khaled bin Break, M. Ibrahim M. Tahir, Karen A. Crouse, Teng-Jin Khoo

Characterisation of the magmatic signature in gas emissions from Turrialba volcano, Costa Rica

Journal Article published 8 Aug 2014 in Solid Earth Discussions volume 6 issue 2 on pages 2293 to 2320

Research funded by Royal Geographical Society (Fieldwork Grant) | Natural Environment Research Council (NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility)

Authors: Y. Moussallam, N. Peters, C. Ramírez, C. Oppenheimer, A. Aiuppa, G. Giudice

Chronic Administration of Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) Leaves Extract Attenuates Hyperglycaemic-Induced Oxidative Stress and Improves Renal Histopathology and Function in Experimental Diabetes

Journal Article published 2012 in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine volume 2012 on pages 1 to 12

Research funded by Royal Geographical Society (FP024-2010A, PS 042-2011B)

Authors: Varatharajan Rajavel, Munavvar Zubaid Abdul Sattar, Mahmood Ameen Abdulla, Normadiah M. Kassim, Nor Azizan Abdullah