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Native silica nanoparticles are powerful membrane disruptors

Journal Article published 2015 in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics volume 17 issue 24 on pages 15547 to 15560

Research funded by University of Southampton (A/2008/11)

Authors: Hend I. Alkhammash, Nan Li, Rémy Berthier, Maurits R. R. de Planque

Empathy in preschool children: The development of the Southampton Test of Empathy for Preschoolers (STEP).

Journal Article published 2008 in Psychological Assessment volume 20 issue 3 on pages 305 to 309

Research funded by Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program | University of Southampton

Authors: Alexandra Howe, Ineke M. Pit-ten Cate, Antony Brown, Julie A. Hadwin

On the application of standard isotherms to hydrogen adsorption in microporous materials

Journal Article published Nov 2011 in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy volume 36 issue 22 on pages 14464 to 14476

Research funded by University of Southampton | Mr Abdulwahid Al-Hajjaj (11532/2008)

Authors: A. Al-Hajjaj, B. Zamora, A.A. Shah, E. Reguera, D.V. Bavykin, F.C. Walsh

Global meta-analysis of native and nonindigenous trophic traits in aquatic ecosystems

Journal Article published 26 Oct 2016 in Global Change Biology volume 23 issue 5 on pages 1861 to 1870

Research funded by University of Southampton | Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (CGL2013-43822-R, CGL2015-69311-REDT) | Generalitat de Catalunya (SGR 484) | European Commission (TD1209, 204323-1-2011-1-FR-EMA21)

Authors: Ella McKnight, Emili García-Berthou, Pao Srean, Marc Rius

Joint Impulsive Noise Estimation and Data Detection Conceived for LDPC-Coded DMT-Based DSL Systems

Journal Article published 2017 in IEEE Access volume 5 on pages 23133 to 23145

Research funded by EPSRC projects (EP/N004558/1, EP/N023862/1) | European Research Council’s Advanced Fellow Grant through the Beam-Me-Up Project | Royal Society | RAEng Industrial Fellow Grant | University of Southampton

Authors: Tong Bai, Chao Xu, Rong Zhang, Anas F. Al Rawi, Lajos Hanzo

When Doctors and Parents Don’t Agree: The story of Charlie Gard

Journal Article published 6 Nov 2017 in Journal of Bioethical Inquiry

Research funded by University of Southampton

Authors: Natasha Hammond-Browning

College of Medicine: A new vision of healthcare

Journal Article published Dec 2011 in European Journal of Integrative Medicine volume 3 issue 4 on pages e255 to e257

Research funded by Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation | University of Southampton

Authors: Kate Fismer, George Lewith

Anti-angiogenic effects of dietary isothiocyanates: Mechanisms of action and implications for human health

Journal Article published Feb 2011 in Biochemical Pharmacology volume 81 issue 3 on pages 327 to 336

Research funded by Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences Research Council | Kerkut Trust | Cancer Research UK | Malaysian Government | University of Southampton | Watercress Alliance

Authors: Breeze E. Cavell, Sharifah S. Syed Alwi, Alison Donlevy, Graham Packham

Characterisation of the mechanical behaviour of annealed glass–GFRP hybrid beams

Journal Article published Aug 2017 in Construction and Building Materials volume 147 on pages 174 to 184

Research funded by University of Southampton | Institution of Structural Engineers Research Award (2012)

Authors: Mithila Achintha, Bogdan Balan

Moytirra: Discovery of the first known deep-sea hydrothermal vent field on the slow-spreading Mid-Atlantic Ridge north of the Azores

Journal Article published Oct 2013 in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems volume 14 issue 10 on pages 4170 to 4184

Research funded by Marine Institute | National Geographic Television | National Oceanography Centre, UK | University of Southampton | University College Cork | National University of Ireland, Galway | Irish Government

Authors: A. J. Wheeler, B. Murton, J. Copley, A. Lim, J. Carlsson, P. Collins, B. Dorschel, D. Green, M. Judge, V. Nye, J. Benzie, A. Antoniacomi, M. Coughlan, K. Morris

Investigating a multidisciplinary and patient-centred approach to obesity

Journal Article published Jun 2012 in European Journal of Integrative Medicine volume 4 issue 2 on pages e219 to e222

Research funded by Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation | University of Southampton

Authors: Kate Fismer, Sam Watts, Katherine Bradbury, George Lewith

Neuroeconomics of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Differential Influences of Medial, Dorsal, and Ventral Prefrontal Brain Networks on Suboptimal Decision Making?

Journal Article published Jul 2012 in Biological Psychiatry volume 72 issue 2 on pages 126 to 133

Research funded by University of Southampton

Authors: Edmund J.S. Sonuga-Barke, Graeme Fairchild

Low-contrast bandgaps of a planar parabolic spiral lattice

Journal Article published 10 Sep 2009 in Optics Letters volume 34 issue 18 on page 2805

Research funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council | Higher Education Funding Council for England | University of Southampton

Authors: Michael E. Pollard, Gregory J. Parker

A mesostructurally-based anisotropic continuum model for biological soft tissues—Decoupled invariant formulation

Journal Article published Nov 2011 in Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials volume 4 issue 8 on pages 1637 to 1657

Research funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/F034296/1) | University of Southampton

Authors: Georges Limbert

The use of oral hypoglycaemic agents in pregnancy

Journal Article published 16 Feb 2014 in Diabetic Medicine volume 31 issue 3 on pages 282 to 291

Research funded by University of Southampton

Authors: R. I. G. Holt, K. D. Lambert

trans-2-Tritylcyclohexanol as a Chiral Auxiliary in Permanganate-Mediated Oxidative Cyclization of 2-Methylenehept-5-enoates: Application to the Synthesis of trans-(+)-Linalool Oxide

Journal Article published 16 Sep 2014 in Organic Letters volume 16 issue 19 on pages 5104 to 5107

Research funded by Eli Lilly and Company | AstraZeneca | Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council | University of Southampton | European Regional Development Fund (4061)

Authors: Ali M. Al Hazmi, Nadeem S. Sheikh, Carole J. R. Bataille, Azzam A. M. Al-Hadedi, Sam V. Watkin, Tim J. Luker, Nicholas P. Camp, Richard C. D. Brown

Interviewer effects on non-response propensity in longitudinal surveys: a multilevel modelling approach

Journal Article published 19 Feb 2014 in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society) volume 178 issue 1 on pages 83 to 99

Research funded by Economic and Social Research Council (ES/1026258/1, RES-062-23-2997, RES-175-25-0011) | University of Southampton

Authors: Rebecca Vassallo, Gabriele B. Durrant, Peter W. F. Smith, Harvey Goldstein

One-dimensional modeling of a recent Ganga avulsion: Assessing the potential effect of tectonic subsidence on a large river

Journal Article published May 2014 in Geomorphology volume 213 on pages 24 to 37

Research funded by ORSAS | University of Southampton | Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) (ALW-Vidi-864.08.007)

Authors: Niladri Gupta, Maarten G. Kleinhans, Elisabeth A. Addink, Peter M. Atkinson, Paul A. Carling

Safe and just operating spaces for regional social-ecological systems

Journal Article published Sep 2014 in Global Environmental Change volume 28 on pages 227 to 238

Research funded by Department for International Development | Economic and Social Research Council | Natural Environment Research Council | International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) | University of Southampton

Authors: John A. Dearing, Rong Wang, Ke Zhang, James G. Dyke, Helmut Haberl, Md. Sarwar Hossain, Peter G. Langdon, Timothy M. Lenton, Kate Raworth, Sally Brown, Jacob Carstensen, Megan J. Cole, Sarah E. Cornell, Terence P. Dawson, C. Patrick Doncaster, Felix Eigenbrod, Martina Flörke, Elizabeth Jeffers, Anson W. Mackay, Björn Nykvist, Guy M. Poppy

Tandem cylinder flow and noise predictions using a hybrid RANS/LES approach

Journal Article published Dec 2014 in International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow volume 50 on pages 263 to 278

Research funded by University of Southampton

Authors: M. Weinmann, R.D. Sandberg, C. Doolan