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Mapping the 3D extent of the Northern Lobe of the Bushveld layered mafic intrusion from geophysical data

Journal Article published Oct 2015 in Precambrian Research volume 268 on pages 279 to 294

Research funded by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution | Council for Scientific and Industrial Research | ABB | U.S. Geological Survey

Authors: Carol A. Finn, Paul A. Bedrosian, Janine C. Cole, Tshepo David Khoza, Susan J. Webb

Design Paradigm for Power Electronics-Based DC Distribution Systems

Journal Article published Mar 2017 in IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics volume 5 issue 1 on pages 51 to 63

Research funded by Office of Naval Research (N000141410160) | ABB

Authors: Harish Suryanarayana, Scott D. Sudhoff

Local Field Factors and Dielectric Properties of Liquid Benzene

Journal Article published 13 Aug 2015 in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B volume 119 issue 35 on pages 11839 to 11845

Research funded by Norges Forskningsråd (200631/560) | ABB | Statnett

Authors: Nazanin Davari, Christopher D. Daub, Per-Olof Åstrand, Mikael Unge

Optimal Incentive Design for Targeted Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources

Journal Article published Oct 2014 in IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy volume 5 issue 4 on pages 1213 to 1225

Research funded by National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) | Hydro One Inc. | IBM Canada | ABB

Authors: Indrajit Das, Kankar Bhattacharya, Claudio Canizares

Enhancement of Superconductivity near a Nematic Quantum Critical Point

Journal Article published 2 Mar 2015 in Physical Review Letters volume 114 issue 9

Research funded by National Science Foundation (1265593) | ABB (1291/12) | Israel Science Foundation (1291/12) | Israel-US Binational Science Foundation (2012079)

Authors: S. Lederer, Y. Schattner, E. Berg, S. A. Kivelson

Nanoantenna arrays combining enhancement and beam control for fluorescence-based sensing applications

Journal Article published 9 Oct 2017 in Applied Optics volume 56 issue 29 on page 8252

Research funded by ABB

Authors: N. Dorh, A. Sarua, T. Ajmal, J. Okache, C. Rega, G. M. Müller, M. J. Cryan

Stochastic Contracts for Runtime Checking of Component-based Real-time Systems

Conference Paper published 2015 in Proceedings of the 18th International ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on Component-Based Software Engineering - CBSE '15

Research funded by European Research Council (291389) | ABB

Authors: Chandrakana Nandi, Aurélien Monot, Manuel Oriol

Complex Frequency-Dependent Polarizability through the π → π* Excitation Energy of Azobenzene Molecules by a Combined Charge-Transfer and Point-Dipole Interaction Model

Journal Article published 17 Nov 2014 in The Journal of Physical Chemistry A volume 118 issue 47 on pages 11282 to 11292

Research funded by ABB (200631/560) | Norges Forskningsråd (200631/560)

Authors: Shokouh Haghdani, Nazanin Davari, Runar Sandnes, Per-Olof Åstrand

A Semidefinite Relaxation Procedure for Fault-Tolerant Observer Design

Journal Article published Dec 2015 in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control volume 60 issue 12 on pages 3332 to 3337

Research funded by ABB (EESC P26939)

Authors: Felix Rafael Segundo Sevilla, Imad M. Jaimoukha, Balarko Chaudhuri, Petr Korba

A process model of buyer responses to salesperson transgressions and recovery efforts: the impact of salesperson orientation

Journal Article published 2 Jan 2016 in Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management volume 36 issue 1 on pages 59 to 73

Research funded by ABB (11-1103)

Authors: John D. Hansen, Donald J. Lund, Thomas E. DeCarlo