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Preparation and morphology study of carbon molecular sieve membrane derived from polyimide

Journal Article published 9 Jun 2017 in The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering volume 95 issue 10 on pages 1993 to 1998

Research funded by GRC (Petroleum Institute Gas Processing and Materials Science Research Center, Project code GRC010) (11010) | Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Authors: Subrata Mondal, Ali Elkamel, Donald Reinalda, Kean Wang

Modeling and simulation of transition zones in tight carbonate reservoirs by incorporation of improved rock typing and hysteresis models

Journal Article published 12 Apr 2018 in Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology

Research funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (OSC13001)

Authors: Dai Fu, Hadi Belhaj, Achinta Bera

Bending behavior of CNT fibers and their scaling laws

Journal Article published 2018 in Soft Matter

Research funded by Welch Foundation (C-1668) | Air Force Office of Scientific Research (FA9550-09-1-0590, FA9550-15-1-0370) | Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Graduate Fellowship to M.A.)

Authors: Mohammed Adnan, Robert A Pinnick, Zhao Tang, Lauren W Taylor, Sushma Sri Pamulapati, Gianni Royer Carfagni, Matteo Pasquali

Characterization of Isolated Ga3+ Cations in Ga/H-MFI Prepared by Vapor-Phase Exchange of H-MFI Zeolite with GaCl3

Journal Article published 21 May 2018 in ACS Catalysis volume 8 issue 7 on pages 6106 to 6126

Research funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company | Chevron

Authors: Neelay M. Phadke, Jeroen Van der Mynsbrugge, Erum Mansoor, Andrew Bean Getsoian, Martin Head-Gordon, Alexis T. Bell

The Albian to Turonian carbon isotope record from the Shilaif Basin (United Arab Emirates) and its regional and intercontinental correlation

Journal Article published 16 Jul 2018 in Sedimentology

Research funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (LTR15005) | Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca (SIR-2014)

Authors: Dominik Hennhoefer, Aisha Al Suwaidi, Cinzia Bottini, Emina Helja, Thomas Steuber

Editors: Cathy Hollis

Improved Methylene Blue Two-Phase Titration Method for Determining Cationic Surfactant Concentration in High-Salinity Brine

Journal Article published 3 Nov 2014 in Analytical Chemistry volume 86 issue 22 on pages 11055 to 11061

Research funded by U.S. Department of Energy (DE-FE0005902) | Abu Dhabi National Oil Company | Abu Dhabi Oil R&D Sub-Committee

Authors: Leyu Cui, Maura Puerto, José L. López-Salinas, Sibani L. Biswal, George J. Hirasaki

Direct Observation of Asphaltene Nanoparticles on Model Mineral Substrates

Journal Article published 15 Jun 2017 in Langmuir volume 33 issue 25 on pages 6248 to 6257

Research funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (040-FA)

Authors: Gijo Raj, Alain Lesimple, Jamie Whelan, Panče Naumov

Nonlinear Decoupling Control With Deadtime Compensation for Multirange Operation of Steam Power Plants

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology volume 24 issue 1 on pages 341 to 348

Research funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Authors: Nahla Alamoodi, Prodromos Daoutidis

Modeling the Polystyrene–Asphaltenes–Toluene Mixture Using the Perturbed-Chain Form of Statistical Associating Fluid Theory Equation of State

Journal Article published 31 May 2017 in Energy & Fuels volume 31 issue 6 on pages 6019 to 6024

Research funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Authors: Ali A. AlHammadi, Walter G. Chapman

Multiobjective Optimization of a Benfield HiPure Gas Sweetening Unit

Journal Article published 2013 in Journal of Industrial Mathematics volume 2013 on pages 1 to 11

Research funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Authors: Richard Ochieng, Abdallah S. Berrouk, Ali Elkamel