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Preparation and morphology study of carbon molecular sieve membrane derived from polyimide

Journal Article published 9 Jun 2017 in The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering volume 95 issue 10 on pages 1993 to 1998

Research funded by GRC (Petroleum Institute Gas Processing and Materials Science Research Center, Project code GRC010) (11010) | Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Authors: Subrata Mondal, Ali Elkamel, Donald Reinalda, Kean Wang

The Albian to Turonian carbon isotope record from the Shilaif Basin (United Arab Emirates) and its regional and intercontinental correlation

Journal Article published 16 Jul 2018 in Sedimentology

Research funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (LTR15005) | Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca (SIR-2014)

Authors: Dominik Hennhoefer, Aisha Al Suwaidi, Cinzia Bottini, Emina Helja, Thomas Steuber

Editors: Cathy Hollis

Improved Methylene Blue Two-Phase Titration Method for Determining Cationic Surfactant Concentration in High-Salinity Brine

Journal Article published 3 Nov 2014 in Analytical Chemistry volume 86 issue 22 on pages 11055 to 11061

Research funded by U.S. Department of Energy (DE-FE0005902) | Abu Dhabi National Oil Company | Abu Dhabi Oil R&D Sub-Committee

Authors: Leyu Cui, Maura Puerto, José L. López-Salinas, Sibani L. Biswal, George J. Hirasaki

Multiobjective Optimization of a Benfield HiPure Gas Sweetening Unit

Journal Article published 2013 in Journal of Industrial Mathematics volume 2013 on pages 1 to 11

Research funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Authors: Richard Ochieng, Abdallah S. Berrouk, Ali Elkamel

Effect of Additives on the CO2 Absorption in Aqueous MDEA Solutions

Journal Article published 12 Dec 2014 in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research volume 53 issue 51 on pages 20032 to 20035

Research funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Authors: Maria T. Mota-Martinez, Sabbir Samdani, Abdallah S. Berrouk, Maaike C. Kroon, Cor J. Peters

A Hybrid System for Measuring Solid and Liquid Contaminants in Steam Generators

Journal Article published Aug 2017 in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics volume 64 issue 8 on pages 6549 to 6555

Research funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Authors: Mahmoud Meribout, E. Al Hosani, Imran M. Saied

Systematic Multidimensional Quantification of Nanoscale Systems From Bimodal Atomic Force Microscopy Data

Journal Article published 17 May 2016 in ACS Nano volume 10 issue 6 on pages 6265 to 6272

Research funded by Masdar Institute of Science and Technology | Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Authors: Chia-Yun Lai, Sergio Santos, Matteo Chiesa

Mathematical modeling of carbonated water injection for EOR and CO 2 storage with a focus on mass transfer kinetics

Journal Article published Jun 2016 in Fuel volume 174 on pages 325 to 332

Research funded by Petrobras | Total | BG Group | Abu Dhabi National Oil Company | Galp Energia | Department of Energy and Climate Change

Authors: Jalal Foroozesh, Mahmoud Jamiolahmady, Mehran Sohrabi

Analysis of heterogeneity and permeability anisotropy in carbonate rock samples using digital rock physics

Journal Article published Jul 2017 in Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering volume 156 on pages 419 to 429

Research funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Authors: Huafeng Sun, Sandra Vega, Guo Tao

Phase behavior and interfacial properties of a switchable ethoxylated amine surfactant at high temperature and effects on CO2-in-water foams

Journal Article published May 2016 in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science volume 470 on pages 80 to 91

Research funded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company | U.S. Department of Energy | Welch Foundation (F-1319)

Authors: Yunshen Chen, Amro S. Elhag, Prathima P. Reddy, Hao Chen, Leyu Cui, Andrew J. Worthen, Kun Ma, Heriberto Quintanilla, Jose A. Noguera, George J. Hirasaki, Quoc P. Nguyen, Sibani L. Biswal, Keith P. Johnston