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DNA-Linked Enzyme-Coupled Assay for Probing Glucosyltransferase Specificity

Journal Article published 4 Feb 2015 in ACS Synthetic Biology volume 4 issue 7 on pages 833 to 841

Research funded by Agilent Technologies

Authors: David J. Sukovich, Cyrus Modavi, Markus de Raad, Robin N. Prince, J. Christopher Anderson

Fluorescence-Correlation Spectroscopy Study of Molecular Transport within Reversed-Phase Chromatographic Particles Compared to Planar Model Surfaces

Journal Article published 14 Nov 2014 in Analytical Chemistry volume 86 issue 23 on pages 11766 to 11772

Research funded by Basic Energy Sciences (DE-FG03-93ER14333) | Agilent Technologies

Authors: Justin Cooper, Joel M. Harris

Halogenated Flame Retardants in Baby Food from the United States and from China and the Estimated Dietary Intakes by Infants

Journal Article published Aug 2014 in Environmental Science & Technology volume 48 issue 16 on pages 9812 to 9818

Research funded by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (GL00E76601-0) | Agilent Technologies

Authors: Liang-Ying Liu, Amina Salamova, Ronald A. Hites

Rapid characterisation of persistent current joints by SQUID magnetometry

Journal Article published 12 Nov 2014 in Superconductor Science and Technology volume 27 issue 12 on page 122002

Research funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council | Agilent Technologies

Authors: G D Brittles, P Noonan, S A Keys, C R M Grovenor, S Speller

Comparison of core–shell particles and sub-2μm fully porous particles for use as ultrafast second dimension columns in two-dimensional liquid chtomatography

Journal Article published Mar 2015 in Journal of Chromatography A volume 1386 on pages 31 to 38

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (GM 54585-15) | Agilent Technologies

Authors: Imad A. Haidar Ahmad, Arianne Soliven, Robert C. Allen, Marcelo Filgueira, Peter W. Carr

Evaluation of quadrupole-time-of-flight mass spectrometry in comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography

Journal Article published Oct 2014 in Journal of Chromatography A volume 1362 on pages 262 to 269

Research funded by Agilent Technologies | Australian Research Council

Authors: Blagoj Mitrevski, Philip J. Marriott

Solid-State NMR Structure Determination from Diagonal-Compensated, Sparsely Nonuniform-Sampled 4D Proton–Proton Restraints

Journal Article published 25 Jul 2014 in Journal of the American Chemical Society volume 136 issue 31 on pages 11002 to 11010

Research funded by Australian Research Council (DP0879121, LP0776672) | Agilent Technologies | National Institutes of Health (GM047467) | Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australian government (NDF 1668)

Authors: Rasmus Linser, Benjamin Bardiaux, Loren B. Andreas, Sven G. Hyberts, Vanessa K. Morris, Guido Pintacuda, Margaret Sunde, Ann H. Kwan, Gerhard Wagner

Extrolites of Aspergillus fumigatus and Other Pathogenic Species in Aspergillus Section Fumigati

Journal Article published 7 Jan 2016 in Frontiers in Microbiology volume 6

Research funded by Agilent Technologies (2871) | Novo Nordisk (13OC0005201)

Authors: Jens C. Frisvad, Thomas O. Larsen

Web-Based Software Tool for Constraint-Based Design Specification of Synthetic Biological Systems

Journal Article published 16 Dec 2014 in ACS Synthetic Biology volume 4 issue 6 on pages 757 to 760

Research funded by Agilent Technologies | National Science Foundation (1147158)

Authors: Ernst Oberortner, Douglas Densmore

Catalytic Determinants of Alkene Production by the Cytochrome P450 Peroxygenase OleTJE

Journal Article published 4 Jan 2017 in Journal of Biological Chemistry volume 292 issue 12 on pages 5128 to 5143

Research funded by Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BB/N006275/1, BB/K017802/1, BB/J012645/1) | Shell (BB/K017802/1) | Agilent Technologies (BB/J012645/1)

Authors: Sarah Matthews, James D. Belcher, Kang Lan Tee, Hazel M. Girvan, Kirsty J. McLean, Stephen E. J. Rigby, Colin W. Levy, David Leys, David A. Parker, Richard T. Blankley, Andrew W. Munro