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Reconstituted high-density lipoproteins acutely reduce soluble brain Aβ levels in symptomatic APP/PS1 mice

Journal Article published May 2016 in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Basis of Disease volume 1862 issue 5 on pages 1027 to 1036

Research funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (MOP 106706) | CIHR Vanier Doctoral Fellowship (200911CVG-217548-192773) | University of British Columbia (6456) | CIHR Canadian Graduate Scholarships Master's (6556) | Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (6456, 6456) | Alzheimer Society of B.C. (1406) | Comissao Technica de Atribuicao de Bolsas para Estudos Pos-Graduados Macao (12113)

Authors: Jérôme Robert, Sophie Stukas, Emily Button, Wai Hang Cheng, Michael Lee, Jianjia Fan, Anna Wilkinson, Iva Kulic, Samuel D. Wright, Cheryl L. Wellington

Gray matter changes in asymptomatic C9orf72 and GRN mutation carriers

Journal Article published 2018 in NeuroImage: Clinical volume 18 on pages 591 to 598

Research funded by Pacific Alzheimer's Research Foundation (C06-01) | Genome British Columbia | Canadian Institutes of Health Research (179009, 74580) | CIHR Clinical Genetics Investigatorship award | PARF | Alzheimer Society of B.C. | National Institutes of Health (R01 NS065782, R01 AG055121-01A1) | Fondation Brain Canada | Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada | Alzheimer's society Research program

Authors: Karteek Popuri, Emma Dowds, Mirza Faisal Beg, Rakesh Balachandar, Mahadev Bhalla, Claudia Jacova, Adrienne Buller, Penny Slack, Pheth Sengdy, Rosa Rademakers, Dana Wittenberg, Howard H. Feldman, Ian R. Mackenzie, Ging-Yuek R. Hsiung

Wavefront sensorless adaptive optics fluorescence biomicroscope for in vivo retinal imaging in mice

Journal Article published 3 Dec 2015 in Biomedical Optics Express volume 7 issue 1 on page 1

Research funded by Alzheimer Society of B.C. | Canadian Institutes of Health Research | Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research | National Eye Institute (P30EY012576) | National Science Foundation (I/UCRC CBSS Grant) | Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada | University of California, Davis (RISE Grant)

Authors: Daniel J. Wahl, Yifan Jian, Stefano Bonora, Robert J. Zawadzki, Marinko V. Sarunic