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Agreement in reporting of asthma by parents or offspring – the RHINESSA generation study

Journal Article published 27 Jul 2018 in BMC Pulmonary Medicine volume 18 issue 1

Research funded by Swedish Asthma and Allergy Foundation | Bergen Medical Research Foundation | Eesti Teadusagentuur (PUT No 562) | Sociedad Espanola de Neumologia y Cirurgia Toracica | Australian National Health Medical Research Council | Norwegian Labor Inspection | Helse Vest Regionalt Helseføretak | Norges Forskningsråd | Swedish Lung Foundation | Arbejdstilsynet | Wood Foundation | Helse Vest (912011)

Authors: Ingrid N. Kuiper, Cecilie Svanes, Bryndis Benediktsdottir, Randi J. Bertelsen, Lennart Bråbäck, Shyamali C. Dharmage, Mathias Holm, Christer Janson, Rain Jögi, Andrei Malinovschi, Melanie Matheson, Jesús Martínez Moratalla, Francisco Gómez Real, José Luis Sánchez-Ramos, Vivi Schlünssen, Signe Timm, Ane Johannessen

Ambient and at-the-ear occupational noise exposure and serum lipid levels

Journal Article published 18 Jun 2016 in International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health volume 89 issue 7 on pages 1087 to 1093

Research funded by Danish Working Environment Research Fund | Arbejdstilsynet

Authors: Mai C. Arlien-Søborg, Astrid S. Schmedes, Z. A. Stokholm, M. B. Grynderup, J. P. Bonde, C. S. Jensen, Å. M. Hansen, T. W. Frederiksen, J. Kristiansen, K. L. Christensen, J. M. Vestergaard, S. P. Lund, H. A. Kolstad

Collaboration among eldercare workers: barriers, facilitators and supporting processes

Journal Article published 3 May 2018 in Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences volume 32 issue 3 on pages 1127 to 1137

Research funded by Arbejdstilsynet (27-2010-03)

Authors: Louise M. Jakobsen, Karen Albertsen, Anette F. B. Jorgensen, Birgit A. Greiner, Reiner Rugulies

Informal caregiving as a risk factor for type 2 diabetes in individuals with favourable and unfavourable psychosocial work environments: A longitudinal multi-cohort study

Journal Article published Feb 2018 in Diabetes & Metabolism volume 44 issue 1 on pages 38 to 44

Research funded by Arbejdstilsynet (12-2013-03) | Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR-08-BLAN-0028) | Agence Française de Lutte contre le Dopage (EST-2008/1/35) | Medical Research Council (MR/K013351/1, G0902037) | British Heart Foundation (RG/13/2/30098, PG/11/63/29011) | National Institutes of Health (R01HL36310, R01AG013196) | Forskningsrådet för Arbetsliv och Socialvetenskap (2005-0734) | Vetenskapsrådet (2009-6192, 2013-1645)

Authors: J. Mortensen, A.J. Clark, T. Lange, G.S. Andersen, M. Goldberg, C.H. Ramlau-Hansen, J. Head, M. Kivimäki, I.E.H. Madsen, C. Leineweber, R. Lund, R. Rugulies, M. Zins, H. Westerlund, N.H. Rod

Unwanted sexual attention at work and long-term sickness absence: a follow-up register-based study

Journal Article published 30 Jul 2016 in BMC Public Health volume 16 issue 1

Research funded by Arbejdstilsynet | Danish Ministry of Labor | Beskæftigelsesministeriet | National Research Centre for the Working Environment

Authors: Annie Hogh, Paul Maurice Conway, Thomas Clausen, Ida Elisabeth Huitfeldt Madsen, Hermann Burr

Airborne MRSA and Total Staphylococcus aureus as Associated With Particles of Different Sizes on Pig Farms

Journal Article published 30 Jul 2018 in Annals of Work Exposures and Health volume 62 issue 8 on pages 966 to 977

Research funded by Arbejdstilsynet

Authors: Anne Mette Madsen, Iman Kurdi, Louise Feld, Kira Tendal

Precarious work among young Danish employees - a permanent or transitory condition?

Journal Article published 3 May 2018 in Journal of Youth Studies volume 22 issue 1 on pages 7 to 28

Research funded by Arbejdstilsynet (12-2010-09, 41-2014-09)

Authors: Mette Lykke Nielsen, Johnny Dyreborg, Hester J. Lipscomb

How to Measure the Intervention Process? An Assessment of Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches to Data Collection in the Process Evaluation of Organizational Interventions

Journal Article published 22 Sep 2016 in Frontiers in Psychology volume 7

Research funded by Arbejdstilsynet (14-2009-09)

Authors: Johan S. Abildgaard, Per Ø. Saksvik, Karina Nielsen

Long-term adverse health outcomes of physical workplace violence: a 7-year population-based follow-up study

Journal Article published 27 Nov 2018 in European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology on pages 1 to 9

Research funded by Arbejdstilsynet

Authors: Karina Friis, Jesper Pihl-Thingvad, Finn Breinholt Larsen, Julie Christiansen, Mathias Lasgaard

Interactive effects of acute experimental pain in trapezius and sored wrist extensor on the electromyography of the forearm muscles during computer work

Journal Article published Jul 2011 in Applied Ergonomics volume 42 issue 5 on pages 735 to 740

Research funded by Gigtforeningen, Det Obelske Familiefond | Arbejdstilsynet

Authors: Afshin Samani, Josué Fernández-Carnero, Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Pascal Madeleine