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Inhibition of HIV Fusion by Small Molecule Agonists through Efficacy-Engineering of CXCR4

Journal Article published 20 Feb 2018 in ACS Chemical Biology volume 13 issue 4 on pages 881 to 886

Research funded by Thora og Viggo Groves Mindelegat | AIDS Fondet | Fonden til Lægevidenskabens Fremme | Lundbeckfonden

Authors: Christian Berg, Viktorija Daugvilaite, Anne Steen, Astrid Sissel Jørgensen, Jon Våbenø, Mette Marie Rosenkilde

Association between smoking status assessed with plasma-cotinine and inflammatory and endothelial biomarkers in HIV-positive and HIV-negative individuals

Journal Article published 9 Jul 2018 in HIV Medicine volume 19 issue 10 on pages 679 to 687

Research funded by Preben and Anne Simonsens Foundation | Novo Nordisk Fonden | Rigshospitalet | Gentofte Hospital | AIDS Fondet | Augustinus Fonden

Authors: MG Ahlström, A Knudsen, H Ullum, J Gerstoft, A Kjaer, A-M Lebech, P Hasbak, N Obel

Biased small-molecule ligands for selective inhibition of HIV-1 cell entry via CCR5

Journal Article published 18 Oct 2016 in Pharmacology Research & Perspectives volume 4 issue 6 on page e00262

Research funded by AIDS Fondet | Thora and Viggo Grove Memorial Grant | Københavns Universitet | Medical Faculty's Foundation for Scientifically Employed Masters

Authors: Christian Berg, Katja Spiess, Hans R. Lüttichau, Mette M. Rosenkilde

Comment on Gautheret-Dejeanet al.: Performance of rapid tests for discrimination between HIV-1 and/or HIV-2 infections

Journal Article published 14 Sep 2015 in Journal of Medical Virology volume 88 issue 3 on pages 367 to 368

Research funded by AIDS Fondet | National Institute of Public Health (INASA) | International Epidemiologic Databases to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA) | the West African Platform for HIV Intervention Research (WAPHIR)

Authors: Bo Langhoff Hønge, Sanne Jespersen, Delfim Vicente Mendes, Christian Wejse, Christian Erikstrup

Increased T cell breadth and antibody response elicited in prime-boost regimen by viral vector encoded homologous SIV Gag/Env in outbred CD1 mice

Journal Article published Dec 2016 in Journal of Translational Medicine volume 14 issue 1

Research funded by Lundbeckfonden (R100-2011-9505) | AIDS Fondet | Fonden til Lægevidenskabens Fremme | Arvid Nilssons Fond | Axel Muusfeldt's Fond

Authors: Anne-Marie Carola Andersson, Peter Johannes Holst

Rapid tests for HIV type discrimination in West Africa may perform differently

Journal Article published Jan 2015 in Journal of the International AIDS Society volume 18 issue 1 on page 19460

Research funded by Hospital Nacional Simão Mendes | AIDS Fondet | National Institute of Public Health (INASA) | Guinea-Bissau | SNLS | WAPHIR | IeDEA

Authors: Bo L Hønge, Sanne Jespersen, Jens S Olesen, Christian Erikstrup, Christian Wejse