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Photochemical changes and oxidative damage in the aquatic macrophyte Cymodocea nodosa exposed to paraquat-induced oxidative stress

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology volume 126 on pages 28 to 34

Research funded by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Authors: Michael Moustakas, Paraskevi Malea, Aristi Zafeirakoglou, Ilektra Sperdouli

Pravastatin for Pregnancies complicated by Ischemical Placental Disease

Dataset published 17 Mar 2018 in

Research funded by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Authors: Stamatios Petousis

Site Use and Maintenance in the Middle Palaeolithic at Lakonis I (Peloponnese, Greece)

Journal Article published 13 Mar 2018 in Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology

Research funded by Senckenberg Naturmuseum | Leakey Foundation | Institute for Aegean Prehistory | Wiener Laboratory at the American School for Classical Studies at Athens | Wenner-Gren Foundation | Greek Ministry of Culture | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki | Psycha Foundation

Authors: Britt M. Starkovich, Paraskevi Elefanti, Panagiotis Karkanas, Eleni Panagopoulou

Cadmium(II) complexes of 5-bromo-salicylaldehyde and α-diimines: Synthesis, structure and interaction with calf-thymus DNA and albumins

Journal Article published Mar 2016 in Polyhedron volume 107 on pages 136 to 147

Research funded by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Authors: Ariadni Zianna, Maja Šumar Ristović, George Psomas, Antonis Hatzidimitriou, Evdoxia Coutouli-Argyropoulou, Maria Lalia-Kantouri

Melatonin and resveratrol reverse the toxic effect of high boron (B) and modulate biochemical parameters in pepper plants ( Capsicum annuum L.)

Journal Article published Mar 2017 in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry volume 112 on pages 173 to 182

Research funded by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Authors: Eleana Sarafi, Pavlos Tsouvaltzis, Christos Chatzissavvidis, Anastasios Siomos, Ioannis Therios

Inactivation of CYLD in intestinal epithelial cells exacerbates colitis-associated colorectal carcinogenesis - a short report

Journal Article published 4 Apr 2016 in Cellular Oncology volume 39 issue 3 on pages 287 to 293

Research funded by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki | Hellenic State Scholarships Foundation

Authors: Demetrios N. Karatzas, Konstantinos Xanthopoulos, Panorea Kotantaki, Athanasios Pseftogas, Konstantinos Teliousis, Eudoxia G. Hatzivassiliou, Dimitris L Kontoyiannis, Theofilos Poutahidis, George Mosialos

Genome Sequence of Canine Herpesvirus

Journal Article published 23 May 2016 in PLOS ONE volume 11 issue 5 on page e0156015

Research funded by Medical Research Council (MC_UU_12014/3) | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki | Greek Ministry of Defense

Authors: Konstantinos V. Papageorgiou, Nicolás M. Suárez, Gavin S. Wilkie, Michael McDonald, Elizabeth M. Graham, Andrew J. Davison

Editors: Bruce W. Banfield

Arboreal Locomotion in Eurasian Harvest Mice Micromys Minutus (Rodentia: Muridae): The Gaits of Small Mammals

Journal Article published Jan 2017 in Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological and Integrative Physiology volume 327 issue 1 on pages 38 to 52

Research funded by Erasmus Studies Scholarships | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki | Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza

Authors: Nikolaos-Evangelos Karantanis, Leszek Rychlik, Anthony Herrel, Dionisios Youlatos

Arboreality in acacia rats (Thallomys paedulcus ; Rodentia, Muridae): gaits and gait metrics

Journal Article published 15 May 2017 in Journal of Zoology volume 303 issue 2 on pages 107 to 119

Research funded by postgraduate Erasmus Fellowship to NEK | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki | Department of Systematic Zoology of the Faculty of Biology of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

Authors: N.-E. Karantanis, L. Rychlik, A. Herrel, D. Youlatos

Trachycladines and Analogues: Synthesis and Evaluation of Anticancer Activity

Journal Article published 3 Mar 2017 in ChemMedChem volume 12 issue 6 on pages 448 to 455

Research funded by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (87852)

Authors: Zisis V. Peitsinis, Achilleas G. Mitrakas, Eirini A. Nakiou, Dafni A. Melidou, Dimitra Kalamida, Christos Kakouratos, Michael I. Koukourakis, Alexandros E. Koumbis