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All-optical 𝒫𝒯-symmetric conversion of amplitude (phase) modulation to phase (amplitude) modulation

Journal Article published 18 Feb 2016 in Optics Express volume 24 issue 4 on page 3989

Research funded by Academia Mexicana de Ciencias | Instituto Tecnologico de Lazaro Cardenas

Authors: Oscar Ignacio Zaragoza Gutiérrez, Luis Felipe Salinas Mendoza, B. M. Rodríguez-Lara

Selectivity in Gas Adsorption by Molecular Cucurbit[6]uril

Journal Article published 28 Jun 2016 in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C volume 120 issue 26 on pages 13911 to 13921

Research funded by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research | Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology | Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (176863, INFRA-2015-252665) | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization | University Grants Committee | L'Oréal | Academia Mexicana de Ciencias

Authors: Sudip Pan, Ranajit Saha, Subhajit Mandal, Sukanta Mondal, Ashutosh Gupta, María A. Fernández-Herrera, Gabriel Merino, Pratim K. Chattaraj

Electrokinetic removal of radionuclides contained in scintillation liquids absorbed in soil type Phaeozem

Journal Article published Oct 2016 in Journal of Environmental Radioactivity volume 162-163 on pages 80 to 86

Research funded by Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (CONACyT) | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) | Academia Mexicana de Ciencias | Fundación México – Estados Unidos para la Ciencia (FUMEC)

Authors: V. Valdovinos, F. Monroy-Guzmán, E. Bustos

Combining microbial cultures for efficient production of electricity from butyrate in a microbial electrochemical cell

Journal Article published Oct 2014 in Bioresource Technology volume 169 on pages 169 to 174

Research funded by Science Foundation Arizona Fellowship | Arizona State University Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology | Academia Mexicana de Ciencias | Fundación Mexico-Estados Unidos (FUMEC) | National Science Foundation | United States Office of Naval Research (N00014-10-M-0231)

Authors: Joseph F. Miceli, Ines Garcia-Peña, Prathap Parameswaran, César I. Torres, Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown