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Bayesian inference on a microstructural, hyperelastic model of tendon deformation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2022 in Journal of The Royal Society Interface

Research funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/S019804/1)

Authors: James Haughton | Simon L. Cotter | William J. Parnell | Tom Shearer

Bayesian optimal interval designs for phase I clinical trials

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2015 in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics)

Research funded by National Cancer Institute (CA154591)

Authors: Suyu Liu | Ying Yuan

Book Reviews

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2001 in The Statistician, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series D

Bayesian Model Checking

BOOK CHAPTER published 2011 in Springer Series in Reliability Engineering

Authors: Dana Kelly | Curtis Smith

A Bayesian tour of binomial inference

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2024 in Statistics & Probability Letters

Authors: John Hughes

Bayesian networks inference algorithm to implement Dempster Shafer theory in reliability analysis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2008 in Reliability Engineering & System Safety

Authors: C. Simon | P. Weber | A. Evsukoff

News and Notices

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 August 1968 in American Journal of Clinical Pathology

Inference and Estimation in a Changepoint Regression Problem

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2001 in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series D (The Statistician)

Authors: Steven A. Julious

Statistical Inference With Anchored Bayesian Mixture of Regressions Models: An Illustrative Study of Allometric Data

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2025 in Statistica Sinica

Authors: Deborah Kunkel | Mario Peruggia

Deep Learning for Marginal Bayesian Posterior Inference with Recurrent Neural Networks

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2024 in Statistica Sinica

Authors: Thayer Fisher | Alex Luedtke | Marco Carone | Noah Simon

Bayesian sequential inference for nonlinear multivariate diffusions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2006 in Statistics and Computing

Authors: Andrew Golightly | Darren J. Wilkinson

Quantum theory and the bayesian inference problems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1974 in Journal of Statistical Physics

Authors: Stanislav S�kora

Book Review: Thiamine Deficiency: Biochemical Lesions and their Clinical Significance

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1968 in Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine

Authors: G R Webster

Bayesian conditional inference for Rasch models

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2018 in AStA Advances in Statistical Analysis

Authors: Clemens Draxler

Bayesian inference for fractional Oscillating Brownian motion

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2022 in Computational Statistics

Research funded by Consejo Nacional de Innovación, Ciencia y Tecnología (Fondecyt Postdoctorado 3190465,Fondecyt 1171335) | MATH-AmSud (18- MATH-07 SaSMoTiDep,18- MATH-07 SaSMoTiDep) | MEC (80190045)

Authors: Héctor Araya | Meryem Slaoui | Soledad Torres

On predictive inference for intractable models via approximate Bayesian computation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2023 in Statistics and Computing

Research funded by Norwegian Research Council FRIPRO (299941) | European Research Council (742158)

Authors: Marko Järvenpää | Jukka Corander

Nature of Bayesian Inference

OTHER published 6 April 1992 in Bayesian Inference in Statistical Analysis

Bayesian inference of species hybrids using multilocus dominant genetic markers

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 September 2008 in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Authors: Eric C Anderson

Bayesian causal inference: a critical review

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 May 2023 in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

Research funded by Division of Mathematical Sciences (1945136)

Authors: Fan Li | Peng Ding | Fabrizia Mealli

Bayesian Inference for Inverse Problems

BOOK CHAPTER published 23 November 2022 in Bayesian Inference - Recent Advantages

Authors: Ali Mohammad-Djafari