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Formal properties of conditional independence in different calculi of AI

BOOK CHAPTER published in Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning and Uncertainty

Authors: Milan Studený

Do rats learn conditional independence?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2017 in Royal Society Open Science

Authors: Robert Ian Bowers | William Timberlake

Belief Temporal Analysis of Expert Users: Case Study Stack Overflow

BOOK CHAPTER published 2017 in Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery

Authors: Dorra Attiaoui | Arnaud Martin | Boutheina Ben Yaghlane

Validation of Smets’ Hypothesis in the Crowdsourcing Environment

BOOK CHAPTER published 2021 in Belief Functions: Theory and Applications

Authors: Constance Thierry | Arnaud Martin | Jean-Christophe Dubois | Yolande Le Gall

The Conditional Moment Approach to GMM Estimation

BOOK CHAPTER published 2001 in Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems

Authors: Joachim Inkmann

Elimination multihomogene

BOOK CHAPTER published 2001 in Introduction to Algebraic Independence Theory


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2001 in Notes and Queries

Authors: JOE BRAY


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2001 in Notes and Queries


Human rights

BOOK CHAPTER published 1 January 2001 in An Introduction to International Relations

Authors: Anthony J. Langlois

New dynamic clustering approaches within belief function framework

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 April 2014 in Intelligent Data Analysis

Authors: Sarra Ben Hariz | Zied Elouedi

Learning by Questions and Answers: From Belief-Revision Cycles to Doxastic Fixed Points

BOOK CHAPTER published 2009 in Logic, Language, Information and Computation

Authors: Alexandru Baltag | Sonja Smets

Conditional Belief Structures

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1988 in Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences

Authors: Jürg Kohlas

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2001 in Mathematical Notes

Authors: I. V. Izmestiev

A Conditional Logic for Belief Revision

BOOK CHAPTER published 1998 in Logics in Artificial Intelligence

Authors: Laura Giordano | Valentina Gliozzi | Nicola Olivetti

Long-Term Observational Study of Chronic Granulomatous Disease About 41 Patients From Tunisia and Comparison to Other Long-Term Follow-Up Studies

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2022 in Clinical Pediatrics

Authors: Fethi Mellouli | Habib Ksouri | Maïssa Lajhouri | Monia Ben Khaled | Samia Rekaya | Elhem Ben Fraj | Monia Ouederni | Mohamed Ridha Barbouche | Mohamed Bejaoui

The Logic of Justified Belief Change, Soft Evidence and Defeasible Knowledge

BOOK CHAPTER published 2012 in Logic, Language, Information and Computation

Authors: Alexandru Baltag | Bryan Renne | Sonja Smets


BOOK CHAPTER published 31 December 2001 in Water for Gotham

Clustering data stream with uncertainty using belief function theory and fading function

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2020 in Soft Computing

Authors: Javad Hamidzadeh | Reyhaneh Ghadamyari

Learning to Recognize Complex Actions Using Conditional Random Fields

BOOK CHAPTER published in Advances in Visual Computing

Authors: Christopher I. Connolly

Maximizing conditional independence for unsupervised domain adaptation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2024 in Science China Information Sciences

Authors: Yiming Zhai | Chuanxian Ren | Youwei Luo | Daoqing Dai