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A Guide to Field Notes for Qualitative Research: Context and Conversation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2018 in Qualitative Health Research

Research funded by Vanderbilt University (Faculty Research Scholars Award)

Authors: Julia Phillippi | Jana Lauderdale

Validity in qualitative research revisited

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2006 in Qualitative Research

Authors: Jeasik Cho | Allen Trent

The importance of qualitative research for investigating causation.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2021 in Qualitative Psychology

Authors: Joseph A. Maxwell

The promises of qualitative research revisited: 10 years of Qualitative Psychology.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2023 in Qualitative Psychology

Authors: Kenneth J. Gergen | Mark Freeman | Ruthellen Josselson

Fallstudien als forschungsstrategische Entscheidung

BOOK CHAPTER published in Qualitative Marktforschung

Authors: Peter Heimerl

Not So Innocent Anymore

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2015 in Qualitative Inquiry

Authors: Susan Naomi Nordstrom

“Why did Van Gogh cut off his ear?”: Revisited.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2019 in Qualitative Psychology

Authors: John Barresi

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1997 in Qualitative Sociology

Authors: Murray S. Davis

The Ethnographic Method in Sociology

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1997 in Qualitative Inquiry

Authors: Raymond L. Gold

Book Review: Kathleen Gallagher, The Methodological Dilemma Revisited

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2021 in Qualitative Research

Authors: Julia Everitt

The Heartland Chronicles Revisited: The Casino’s Impact on Settlement Life

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2005 in Qualitative Inquiry

Authors: Douglas Foley

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1998 in Qualitative Sociology

Authors: Kathleen M. Blee


JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2003 in Qualitative Social Work

Critical Qualitative Research as Consciousness Raising: The Dialogic Texts of Researcher/Researchee Interactions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2002 in Qualitative Inquiry

Authors: Barbara Korth

Fallstudien als forschungsstrategische Entscheidung

BOOK CHAPTER published 2009 in Qualitative Marktforschung

Authors: Peter Heimerl

Disaffiliating From the Cult of the Fallen

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2018 in Qualitative Inquiry

Authors: Maya Lavie-Ajayi

‘One participant said …’: the implications of quotations from biographical talk

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2012 in Qualitative Research

Authors: Stephanie Taylor

Book review: Mike Savage, Identities and Social Change in Britain Since 1940: The Politics of Method

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2012 in Qualitative Research

Authors: David Mills

Book review: Kevin Love (ed.), Ethics in Social Research (Studies in Qualitative Methodology, Volume 12)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2014 in Qualitative Research

Authors: Martin Tolich

Alphabetisches Verzeichnis der Anionen

BOOK CHAPTER published 31 December 1955 in Qualitative Schnellanalyse