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Interpreter-facilitated cross-language interviews: a research note

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2011 in Qualitative Research

Authors: Deanna L Williamson | Jaeyoung Choi | Margo Charchuk | Gwen R Rempel | Nicole Pitre | Rhonda Breitkreuz | Kaysi Eastlick Kushner

Book Review: How to write a phenomenological dissertation: A step-by-step guide

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2023 in Qualitative Social Work

Authors: Jennifer M. Evans

Data Display in Qualitative Research

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2013 in International Journal of Qualitative Methods

Authors: Susana Verdinelli | Norma I. Scagnoli

Making Meaning: The Creative Component in Qualitative Research

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2002 in Qualitative Health Research

Authors: Anita Hunter | Paula Lusardi | Donna Zucker | Cynthia Jacelon | Genevieve Chandler

Young women adopted from foster care create personal public service announcements: narrative constructs in arts-based enquiry

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 April 2020 in Qualitative Research in Psychology

Authors: Myriam Savage

The art of not being neutral in qualitative research

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 July 2023 in Qualitative Research in Psychology

Authors: Henrik Skovlund | Line Lerche Mørck | Martin Celosse-Andersen

Book reviews

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1985 in Qualitative Sociology

Authors: Morton Rubin | Robert Horwitz | Robert A. Scott | Thomas Koenig | Chandra Mukerji

Using Fiction to Make Meaning in Research With Young People in Rural New Zealand

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2009 in Qualitative Inquiry

Authors: Karen Nairn | Ruth Panelli

Van Kaam's Method Revisited

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 1998 in Qualitative Health Research

Authors: Judith Anderson | Janet Eppard

Biographical information for contributing authors

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1989 in Qualitative Sociology

Interviewing in Qualitative Research

BOOK CHAPTER published 2018 in Qualitative Methodologies in Organization Studies

Authors: Svetlana Gudkova

Inside the drug trade: Trafficking from the dealer's perspective

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1993 in Qualitative Sociology

Authors: Kenneth D. Tunnell

Habits of the heart revisited: Autonomy, community, and divinity in adults' moral language

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1995 in Qualitative Sociology

Authors: Lene Arnett Jensen

A Discourse that Disciplines, Governs, and Regulates: The National Research Council’s Report on Scientific Research in Education

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2004 in Qualitative Inquiry

Authors: Marianne Bloch

Too little, too late: Socioeconomic disparities in the experience of women living with diabetes

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2014 in Qualitative Social Work

Authors: Emily Joy Nicklett | Sara Kuzminski Damiano

Active Interview Tactics Revisited: A Multigenerational Perspective

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 April 2020 in Qualitative Sociology Review

Authors: Andrew D. Hathaway | Rory Sommers | Amir Mostaghim

The Ties That Bind Us, the Shadows That Separate Us

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2006 in Qualitative Inquiry

Authors: Christopher N. Poulos

Identifying with the Role of “Other”: “The Pink Triangle Experiment” Revisited

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 August 2006 in Qualitative Sociology Review

Authors: Noriko Milman | Jerome Rabow

Efficiency and the Fix Revisited: Informal Relations and Mock Routinization in a Nonprofit Nursing Home

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 21 August 2007 in Qualitative Sociology

Authors: Steven Henry Lopez

Reciprocal Practice and Probability of Cyber Professional Community

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 March 2020 in Korean Association for Qualitative Inquiry

Authors: Hajun Kim