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Incomplete preferences on conditional random quantities: Representability by conditional previsions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2010 in Mathematical Social Sciences

Authors: Barbara Vantaggi

Monadic representability of certain binary relations

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 1984 in Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society

Authors: I.L. Humberstone

Intervals of Binary Relations

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1979 in Mathematical Logic Quarterly

Authors: David W. H. Gillam

Preservation and Interpolation Through Binary Relations Between Theories

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1989 in Mathematical Logic Quarterly

Authors: Michel Hébert

Local versus overall segregation measures

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2010 in Mathematical Social Sciences

Authors: Olga Alonso-Villar | Coral del Río

Approximate min–max relations for odd cycles in planar graphs

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 March 2007 in Mathematical Programming

Authors: Samuel Fiorini | Nadia Hardy | Bruce Reed | Adrian Vetta

Corrections to “preservation and interpolation through binary relations between theories”

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1990 in Mathematical Logic Quarterly

Authors: Michel Hébert

Maximal elements for irreflexive binary relations on compact sets

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2002 in Mathematical Social Sciences

Authors: Carlos Rodrı́guez-Palmero | José-Luis Garcı́a-Lapresta

Local approximate MLE of time-varying stochastic volatility model based on log-likelihood expansion

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2017 in Applied Mathematical Sciences

Authors: Tian-Xiu Wang | Ji-Xia Wang | Ya-Meng Zhang

Selection dynamics in autocatalytic systems: Templates replicating through binary ligation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1998 in Bulletin of Mathematical Biology

Authors: P Wills

Some general notions of stochastic orderings for weighted reliability and uncertainty measures with applications

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2006 in International Mathematical Forum

Authors: B. O. Oluyede

Local invariants for a finite multipartite quantum system

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2007 in Reports on Mathematical Physics

Authors: Sergio Albeverio | Laura Cattaneo | Luca Di Persio

On certain classes of semigroups of binary relations

OTHER published 1988 in Nineteen Papers on Algebraic Semigroups

Authors: B. M. Shaĭn

Variational measures related to local systems and the Ward property of $$mathcal{P}$$ -adic path bases

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2006 in Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Authors: D. Bongiorno | L. Di Piazza | V. A. Skvortsov

Approximate sample size formulas for the two‐sample trimmed mean test with unequal variances

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2007 in British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology

Authors: Wei‐Ming Luh | Jiin‐Huarng Guo

How do Non-Linear Relations of Social Macro-Variables Arise from Aggregation of Individual Decisions?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2006 in The Journal of Mathematical Sociology


The Implications of Case-Based Reasoning in Strategic Contexts

BOOK CHAPTER published 2006 in Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems

Authors: Luis R. Izquierdo | Nicholas M. Gotts

Conditional-sum-of-squares estimation of models for stationary time series with long memory

BOOK CHAPTER published 2006 in Institute of Mathematical Statistics Lecture Notes - Monograph Series

Authors: P. M. Robinson

Local measures of association: Estimating the derivative of the regression line

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2007 in British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology

Authors: Rand R. Wilcox

Numerical and Approximate Methods of Solving Differential and Integral Equation

BOOK CHAPTER published 1992 in Kluwer Texts in the Mathematical Sciences

Authors: Gheorghe Micula | Paraschiva Pavel