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Representability of Ordinal Relations on a Set of Conditional Events

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2006 in Theory and Decision

Authors: Giulianella Coletti | Barbara Vantaggi

Continuous linear representability of binary relations

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 1995 in Economic Theory

Authors: Wilhelm Neuefeind | Walter Trockel

Conditional Submodular Coherent Risk Measures

BOOK CHAPTER published 2018 in Communications in Computer and Information Science

Authors: Giulianella Coletti | Davide Petturiti | Barbara Vantaggi

Coherent Conditional Probability, Fuzzy Inclusion and Default Rules

BOOK CHAPTER published 2013 in Soft Computing: State of the Art Theory and Novel Applications

Authors: Giulianella Coletti | Romano Scozzafava | Barbara Vantaggi

Conditional Measures and Algebras

BOOK CHAPTER published 2011 in Ergodic Theory

Authors: Manfred Einsiedler | Thomas Ward

Comparative probability for conditional events: A new look through coherence

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1993 in Theory and Decision

Authors: Giulianella Coletti | Angelo Gilio | Romano Scozzafava

Some methods on fuzzy conditional inference to approximate reasoning

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published November 2016 in 2016 International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Its Applications (iFuzzy)

Authors: Poli Venkata Subba Reddy

The winner's curse: Conditional reasoning and belief formation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2018 in Journal of Economic Theory

Authors: Christian Koch | Stefan P. Penczynski

Conditional hardness for approximate coloring

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published 21 May 2006 in Proceedings of the thirty-eighth annual ACM symposium on Theory of Computing

Authors: Irit Dinur | Elchanan Mossel | Oded Regev

APPROXIMATE REASONING**In part extracted from Türkşen and Demirli(1993), Demirli and Türkşen(1994) and Demirli(1995).

BOOK CHAPTER published 2006 in An Ontological and Epistemological Perspective of Fuzzy Set Theory

Authors: I. Burhan Türkşen

Binary Clause Reasoning in QBF

BOOK CHAPTER published 2006 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Authors: Horst Samulowitz | Fahiem Bacchus

Civic reasoning through paranoid and reparative reading: Addressing conspiracy theories within racialized and queer publics

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 October 2021 in Theory Into Practice

Authors: Tadashi Dozono

A local variational principle for conditional entropy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 13 January 2006 in Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems


The Strong Law of Large Numbers for a Triangular Array Scheme of Conditional Distributions of Stable Elliptically Contoured Measures

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2006 in Theory of Probability & Its Applications

Authors: S. Ya. Shatskikh

Applying Full Permissibility to Extensive Games

BOOK CHAPTER published 2006 in The Consistent Preferences Approach to Deductive Reasoning in Games

Binary Relations

BOOK CHAPTER published 2022 in Springer Texts in Business and Economics

Authors: Satish Kumar Jain

A note on generating correlated matched-pair binary data through conditional linear family

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 18 August 2017 in Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods

Authors: Ming Zhou | Zhao Yang

Identification of Parameters through the Approximate Periodic Solutions of a Parabolic System

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2008 in Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications

Authors: L. Lei

Combustibles, fuels and their combustion products: A view through carbon isotopes

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2006 in Combustion Theory and Modelling

Authors: D. Widory

Information Measures: The Curious Case of the Binary Alphabet

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2014 in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

Research funded by National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center (CCF-0939370)

Authors: Jiantao Jiao | Thomas A. Courtade | Albert No | Kartik Venkat | Tsachy Weissman