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A Comparison of Methods to Test for Mediation in Multisite Experiments

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2005 in Multivariate Behavioral Research

Authors: Keenan A. Pituch | Tiffany A. Whittaker | Laura M. Stapleton

Testing Multivariate Normality in Series Experiments of Incomplete Blocks by Generalized Shapiro‐Wilk Test

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1994 in Biometrical Journal

Authors: Wieslaw Wagner | Henryk Brzeskwiniewicz

Multivariate Uniformity, Liang–Fang–Hickernell–Li Test of

OTHER published December 2005 in Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences

Authors: Samuel Kotz | Saraless Nadarajah

On asymptotic normality of sequential LS-estimate for unstable autoregressive process AR(2)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2010 in Journal of Multivariate Analysis

Research funded by RFFI (04-01-00855)

Authors: Leonid Galtchouk | Victor Konev

Residual Normality Assumption and the Estimation of Multiple Membership Random Effects Models

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 November 2018 in Multivariate Behavioral Research

Authors: Jieru Chen | Audrey J. Leroux

Testing block-diagonal covariance structure for high-dimensional data under non-normality

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2017 in Journal of Multivariate Analysis

Authors: Yuki Yamada | Masashi Hyodo | Takahiro Nishiyama

Testing for Joint Stationarity, Normality, and Independence

BOOK CHAPTER published 1994 in Multivariate Tests for Time Series Models

How to Use Tests for Univariate Normality to Assess Multivariate Normality

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1995 in The American Statistician

Authors: Stephen W. Looney

Supplemental Information 3: Normality of residues and relative morphometric symmetry in the multivariate population distributions (probability-probability plot).

COMPONENT published

Modeling and Exploring Multivariate Spatial Variation: A Test Procedure for Isotropy of Multivariate Spatial Data

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2001 in Journal of Multivariate Analysis

Authors: Giovanna Jona-Lasinio

A new functional statistic for multivariate normality

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2011 in Statistics and Computing

Authors: Chun-Chao Wang | Yi-Ting Hwang


BOOK CHAPTER published 14 January 2014 in The New Psychometrics

Measurement errors in multivariate measurement scales

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2005 in Journal of Multivariate Analysis

Authors: L. Tarkkonen | K. Vehkalahti

Asymptotic normality and confidence intervals for inverse regression models with convolution-type operators

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2009 in Journal of Multivariate Analysis

Authors: Nicolai Bissantz | Melanie Birke

The multivariate normal distribution

BOOK CHAPTER published 19 February 2018 in Introduction to Multivariate Analysis

Authors: Christopher Chatfield | Alexander J. Collins

Asymptotic Normality for Density Kernel Estimators in Discrete and Continuous Time

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1999 in Journal of Multivariate Analysis

Authors: Denis Bosq | Florence Merlevède | Magda Peligrad

Multivariate discrete distributions via sums and shares

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2019 in Journal of Multivariate Analysis

Authors: M.C. Jones | Éric Marchand

Multivariate Analysen

BOOK CHAPTER published 2015 in Multivariate Datenanalyse

Authors: Dirk Wentura | Markus Pospeschill

On the LBI criterion for the multivariate one-way random effects model under non-normality

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2005 in Statistics

Authors: Solomon W. Harrar | Arjun K. Gupta

An Omnibus Test for Univariate and Multivariate Normality*

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2008 in Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics

Authors: Jurgen A. Doornik | Henrik Hansen