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Exploring substitution random functions composed of stationary multi-Gaussian processes

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2024 in Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment

Research funded by Swiss National Science Foundation (200020_182600)

Authors: Julien Straubhaar | Philippe Renard

Stochastic Gauss–Seidel type inertial proximal alternating linearized minimization and its application to proximal neural networks

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2024 in Mathematical Methods of Operations Research

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (12131004,12126603,11926358)

Authors: Qingsong Wang | Deren Han

A Novel Approach to Solve Multi-objective Fuzzy Stochastic Bilevel Programming Using Genetic Algorithm

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 February 2024 in Operations Research Forum

Authors: S. Dutta | S. Acharya

Liouville theorem for V-harmonic maps under non-negative (m,V)-Ricci curvature for non-positive m

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2024 in Stochastic Processes and their Applications

Authors: Kazuhiro Kuwae | Songzi Li | Xiang-Dong Li | Yohei Sakurai

New Computer Efficient Approximations of Random Functions for Solving Stochastic Transport Problems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2024 in Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics

Authors: G. A. Mikhailov | I. N. Medvedev

Convergence to closed-form distribution for the backward SLEκ at some random times and the phase transition at κ=8

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2024 in Statistics & Probability Letters

Authors: Terry J. Lyons | Vlad Margarint | Sina Nejad

The limit point in the Jante’s law process has an absolutely continuous distribution

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2024 in Stochastic Processes and their Applications

Authors: Edward Crane | Stanislav Volkov

Chance-constrained stochastic assembly line balancing with branch, bound and remember algorithm

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2024 in Annals of Operations Research

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (62173260,61803287)

Authors: Zixiang Li | Celso Gustavo Stall Sikora | Ibrahim Kucukkoc

Stochastic optimal allocation for a battery energy storage system in high renewable-penetrated distribution networks

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 January 2024 in Frontiers in Energy Research

Authors: Changjun Zhang | Zhongzhong Li | Lihong Ma | Sifan Li | Linbei Fu | Hang Zhou | Haisheng Wang | Yufen Wu

Observability Inequality from Measurable Sets and the Shape Design Problem for Stochastic Parabolic Equations

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2024 in Applied Mathematics & Optimization

Authors: Yuanhang Liu

Hyers-Ulam stability and continuous dependence of the solution of a nonlocal stochastic-integral problem of an arbitrary (fractional) orders stochastic differential equation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 January 2024 in Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science

Authors: A. M. A. El-Sayed | M. E. I. El-Gendy

Stationary distribution of a stochastic epidemic model with distributed delay under regime switching

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2024 in Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing

Research funded by Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province (ZR2021MA043)

Authors: Shengshuang Chen | Yingxin Guo | Chuan Zhang

Journal Vol – 19 No -1, January 2024 Journal > Journal > Journal Vol – 19 No -1, January 2024 RELIABILITY OPTIMIZATION OF A DEGRADED SYSTEM UNDER PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE USING GENETIC ALGORITHM Authors: Shakuntla Singla, Diksha Mangla, Poonam Panwar, S Z Taj DOI NO: admin January 20, 2024 Abstract: The reliability parameters of a Mathematical model are analyzed for a system with three identical units and a standby. In this study, the primary unit is considered more important due to its high cost and working in two types of degraded conditions before a complete malfunction. Under the concept of preventive maintenance, the states of deterioration are reversed. The working of the system under two different efficiencies is discussed. The reliability of the Mathematical model, depending on the availability and working time, has been optimized using the Mathematical tool “Genetic Algorithm”. The optimum values of all parameters based on the exponential distribution are considered to optimize the reliability, and thus provide maximum benefits to the industry. Sensitivity analysis of the availability and the working time is carried out to understand the effects of changing parameters. Graphical and tabular analyses are presented to discuss the results and to draw conclusions about the system’s behavior. Keywords: deteriorated state,genetic algorithm,malfunction rate,preventive maintenance,regenerative point graphical technique,sensitivity analysis, Refference: I. Bhunia, A.K. and Sahoo, L. (2011). Genetic algorithm based reliability optimization in interval environment. In: Nedjah, N., dos Santos Coelho, L., Mariani, V.C., de Macedo Mourelle, L. (eds) Innovative Computing Methods and Their Applications to Engineering Problems. Studies in Computational Intelligence, 357. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. II. Kumar, J., Bansal, S.A., Mehta, M. and Singh, H. (2020). Reliability analysis in process industries – an overview. GIS Sci J., 7(5), 151-168. III. Kumari, K. and Poonia, M.S. (2023). Availability optimization of cylinder block in cast iron manufacturing plant using GA. European Chemical Bulletin, 12(4), 17784-17792. IV. Kumari, S., Khurana, P. and Singla, S. (2022). Behaviour and profit analysis of a thresher plant under steady state. International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management, 13, 166-171. V. Kumari, S., Singla, S. and Khurana, P. (2022). Particle swarm optimization for constrained cost reliability of rubber plant. Life Cycle Reliability and Safety Engineering, 11(3), 273-277. VI. Malik, S., Verma, S., Gupta, A., Sharma, G. and Singla, S. (2022). Performability evaluation, validation and optimization for the steam generation system of a coal-fired thermal power plant. MethodsX, 9. VII. Naithani, A., Khanduri, S. and Gupta, S. (2022). Stochastic analysis of main unit with two non-identical replaceable sub-units working with partial failure. International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management, 13, 1467-1473. VIII. Naithani, A., Parashar, B., Bhatia, P.K. and Taneja G. (2013). Cost benefit analysis of a 2-out-of-3 induced draft fans system with priority for operation to cold standby over working at reduced capacity. Advanced Modelling and Optimization, 15(2), 499-509. IX. Sachdeva, K., Taneja, G, and Manocha, A. (2022). Sensitivity and economic analysis of an insured system with extended conditional warranty. Reliability: Theory and Applications, 17, 24–31. X. Singla, S. and Dhawan, P. (2022). Mathematical analysis of regenerative point graphical technique (RPGT). Mathematical Analysis and its Contemporary Applications, 4(4), 49-56. XI. Taj, S. Z. and Rizwan, S. M. (2022). Reliability analysis of a 3-unit parallel system with single maintenance facility. Advanced Mathematical Models & Applications, 7(1), 93-103. View Download Journal Vol – 19 No -1, January 2024 CONSTRUCTION OF A SPLINE FUNCTION WITH MIXED NODE VALUES


Authors: Rama Nand Mishra

An Accelerated Convergence Scheme for Solving Stochastic Fractional Diffusion Equation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 16 January 2024 in Communications on Applied Mathematics and Computation

Authors: Xing Liu

Global Convergence of a Stochastic Levenberg–Marquardt Algorithm Based on Trust Region

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 11 January 2024 in Journal of the Operations Research Society of China

Research funded by Shanghai Science and Technology Development Foundation (22JC1401500)

Authors: Wei-Yi Shao | Jin-Yan Fan

Global Robust Newsvendor Operation Strategy for a Two-Market Stochastic Inventory System

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 January 2024 in Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (72172019) | Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (2021CDJSKJC11)

Authors: Xiaoli Yan | Hui Yu


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 January 2024 in Journal of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Authors: Y. Kolani | A. Gning | S. Diouf

Asymptotic stability of impulsive stochastic switched system with double state-dependent delays and application to neural networks and neural network-based lecture skills assessment of normal students

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2024 in AIMS Mathematics

Authors: Yueli Huang | Jin-E Zhang

A Systemic Stochastic Infrastructure Damage Evaluation Framework, Incorporating Fragility Curves, Reinforced by Network Reduction in Distribution Systems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2024 in IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery

Authors: Abbas Shahbazian | Alireza Fereidunian | Saeed D. Manshadi | Rouzbeh Haghighi

Stochastic prey-predator model with small random immigration

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2024 in AIMS Mathematics

Authors: Jawdat Alebraheem | Mogtaba Mohammed | Ismail M. Tayel | Muhamad Hifzhudin Noor Aziz