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Entrepreneurs in Economic Growth: Arbitrage and Innovation

BOOK CHAPTER published 2 May 2024 in Re-Understanding Entrepreneurship

An Economic Analysis of the Success and Loss of Global Modernization

BOOK CHAPTER published 2024 in Understanding China

Authors: Jun Yin

PGF-BIQA: Blind image quality assessment via probability multi-grained cascade forest

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2023 in Computer Vision and Image Understanding

Authors: Hao Liu | Ce Li | Shangang Jin | Weizhe Gao | Fenghua Liu | Shaoyi Du | Shihui Ying

Challenges in Probability Sampling

BOOK CHAPTER published 19 May 2023 in Understanding Research Methods

Authors: Michelle Newhart | Mildred L. Patten

Construction of the Probability Measures

BOOK CHAPTER published 2023 in Understanding Complex Systems

Authors: Henryk Fukś

Statistics and Probability

BOOK CHAPTER published 15 July 2022 in Understanding and Teaching Primary Mathematics in Australia

Authors: Tony Cotton | Jess Greenbaum | Michael Minas


BOOK CHAPTER published July 2022 in Towards Deep Understanding of Elementary School Mathematics

A Deep-Learning Lesion Segmentation Model that Addresses Class Imbalance and Expected Low Probability Tissue Abnormalities in Pre and Postoperative Liver MRI

BOOK CHAPTER published 2022 in Medical Image Understanding and Analysis

Authors: Nora Vogt | Zobair Arya | Luis Núñez | Kezia Hobson | John Connell | Sir Michael Brady | Paul Aljabar

Environmental and Economic Assessment of Land Degradation in Different Regions of the Russian Plain

BOOK CHAPTER published 2022 in Advances in Understanding Soil Degradation

Authors: Oleg Makarov | Anton Strokov | Evgeny Tsvetnov | Dina Abdulkhanova | Vladislav Kudelin | Nina Marakhova

Ethics Standards Section 1

BOOK CHAPTER published 17 November 2021 in Understanding Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis

Authors: Ann Beirne | Jacob A. Sadavoy

Game Communities and Productive Fandom

BOOK CHAPTER published 2021 in Understanding Games and Game Cultures

Empirical Relationships to Estimate the Probability of Runout Exceedance for Various Landslide Types

BOOK CHAPTER published 2021 in Understanding and Reducing Landslide Disaster Risk

Authors: Marc-André Brideau | Saskia de Vilder | Chris Massey | Andrew Mitchell | Scott McDougall | Jordan Aaron

Conditional Probability, Bayes’ Rule and Bayesian Estimation

BOOK CHAPTER published 6 September 2020 in Intuitive Understanding of Kalman Filtering with MATLAB®

Authors: Armando Barreto | Malek Adjouadi | Francisco R. Ortega | Nonnarit O-larnnithipong

The main determinants in the distress / failure probability of the public-private partnership financing scheme in infrastructure development

BOOK CHAPTER published 25 February 2020 in Understanding Digital Industry

Authors: Mira Budi Octaviani | Zaafri A Husodo

Appendix A: Calculating probability in a random walk

OTHER published 5 September 2019 in Understanding Atrial Fibrillation

Probability hypothesis density filter using determinantal point processes for multi object tracking

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2019 in Computer Vision and Image Understanding

Authors: Felipe Jorquera | Sergio Hernández | Diego Vergara

The Ungoverned Education Market and the Deepening of Socio-economic School Segregation in Peru

OTHER published 2019 in Understanding School Segregation

Authors: María Balarin | Aurora Escudero

Basic Probability Theory

BOOK CHAPTER published 2019 in Understanding Statistics and Experimental Design

Authors: Michael H. Herzog | Gregory Francis | Aaron Clarke

Solving Random Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations Through the Probability Density Function: Theory and Computing with Applications

BOOK CHAPTER published 2019 in Understanding Complex Systems

Authors: J. Calatayud | J.-C. Cortés | M. Jornet | A. Navarro-Quiles

Probability I

BOOK CHAPTER published 8 October 2018 in Understanding Probability and Statistics