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Characterization of fuzzy order relation by fuzzy cone

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 19 January 2023 in Kybernetika

Authors: Masamichi Kon

High-dimensional data clustering

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2007 in Computational Statistics & Data Analysis

Authors: C. Bouveyron | S. Girard | C. Schmid

Aggregation of fuzzy vector spaces

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 8 December 2023 in Kybernetika

Authors: Carlos Bejines

Why λ-additive (fuzzy) measures?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 May 2015 in Kybernetika

Authors: Ion Chiţescu

A new approach for fuzzy gyronorms on gyrogroups and its fuzzy topologies

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 April 2024 in Kybernetika

Authors: Yu Shen | Conghua Yan

Towards the properties of fuzzy multiplication for fuzzy numbers

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 March 2019 in Kybernetika

Authors: Alexandru Mihai Bica | Dorina Fechete | Ioan Fechete

Analysis of data with fuzzy noise

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 1994 in Fuzzy Sets and Systems

Authors: Milan Mareš

Interval fuzzy matrix equations

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 March 2017 in Kybernetika

Authors: Emília Draženská | Helena Myšková

On generalizations of fuzzy metric spaces

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 14 February 2024 in Kybernetika

Authors: Yi Shi | Wei Yao

Three-way fuzzy clustering models for LR fuzzy time trajectories

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2003 in Computational Statistics & Data Analysis

Authors: Renato Coppi | Pierpaolo D'Urso

Divergence measure between fuzzy sets using cardinality

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 25 July 2017 in Kybernetika

Authors: Vladimír Kobza

Suzuki type fuzzy Z-contractive mappings and fixed points in fuzzy metric spaces

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 January 2022 in Kybernetika

Authors: Dhananjay Gopal | Juan Martínez-Moreno

Fuzzy Components of Cooperative Markets

BOOK CHAPTER published 2007 in Perception-based Data Mining and Decision Making in Economics and Finance

Authors: Milan Mareš

Extensions of fuzzy connectives on ACDL

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 September 2019 in Kybernetika

Authors: Hui Liu | Bin Zhao

On weighted U-statistics for stationary random fields

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 29 May 2017 in Kybernetika

Authors: Jana Klicnarová

Fuzzy orness measure and new orness axioms

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 October 2015 in Kybernetika

Authors: LeSheng Jin | Martin Kalina | Gang Qian

L-fuzzy ideal degrees in effect algebras

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 February 2023 in Kybernetika

Authors: Xiaowei Wei | Fu-Gui Shi

On best approximation in fuzzy metric spaces

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 18 May 2015 in Kybernetika

Authors: Naser Abbasi | Hamid Mottaghi Golshan

Some issues of fuzzy querying in relational databases

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 January 2016 in Kybernetika

Authors: Miroslav Hudec | Miljan Vučetić

Fuzzy sets (in)equations with a complete codomain lattice

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 23 May 2022 in Kybernetika

Authors: Vanja Stepanović | Andreja Tepavčević