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Passivity and parametric robustness of a new class of adaptive systems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1994 in Automatica

Authors: Miroslav Krstić | Ioannis Kanellakopoulos | Petar V. Kokotović

Robustness of Adaptive Nonlinear Control to Bounded Uncertainties

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1998 in Automatica


Modular approach to adaptive nonlinear stabilization

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1996 in Automatica

Authors: Miroslav Krstić | Petar V. Kokotović

Discrete-time adaptive control of plants with unknown output dead-zones

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1995 in Automatica

Authors: Gang Tao | Petar V. Kokotović

An extended direct scheme for robust adaptive nonlinear control

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1991 in Automatica

Authors: I. Kanellakopoulos | P.V. Kokotovic | R. Marino

Constructive nonlinear control: a historical perspective

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2001 in Automatica

Authors: Petar Kokotović | Murat Arcak

Nonlinear observers: a circle criterion design and robustness analysis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2001 in Automatica

Authors: Murat Arcak | Petar Kokotović

Robust nonlinear control of feedforward systems with unmodeled dynamics

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2001 in Automatica

Authors: Murat Arcak | Andrew Teel | Petar Kokotović

Circle and Popov criteria as tools for nonlinear feedback design

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2003 in Automatica

Authors: Murat Arcak | Michael Larsen | Petar Kokotović

Lyapunov-based adaptive control of MIMO systems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2003 in Automatica

Authors: Ramon R. Costa | Liu Hsu | Alvaro K. Imai | Petar Kokotović

Nonlinear adaptive control of permanent magnet step motors

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1995 in Automatica

Authors: R. Marino | S. Peresada | P. Tomei

Disturbance attenuating output-feedback control of nonlinear systems with local optimality

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2001 in Automatica

Authors: Kenan Ezal | Petar V. Kokotović | Andrew R. Teel | Tamer Başar

Adaptive control of nonlinear dynamic systems using θ-adaptive neural networks

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1997 in Automatica

Authors: Ssu-Hsin Yu | Anuradha M. Annaswamy

Adaptive maneuvering, with experiments, for a model ship in a marine control laboratory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2005 in Automatica

Authors: Roger Skjetne | Thor I. Fossen | Petar V. Kokotović

Stability analysis of discrete event systems K.M. Passino and K.L. Burgess; A volume in the Wiley Series on Adaptive and Learning Systems for Signal Processing, Communications, and Control (S. Haykin, series ed.); Copyright 1998 by John Wiley & Sons, New York, ISBN: 0-471-24185-7.

Example Item published May 2001 in Automatica

Authors: B DeSchutter

Nonlinear adaptive control of feedback passive systems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1995 in Automatica

Authors: Maria M. Seron | David J. Hill | Alexander L. Fradkov

A robust adaptive nonlinear control design

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1996 in Automatica

Authors: M.M. Polycarpou | P.A. Ioannou

Tuning function design for nonlinear adaptive control systems with multiple unknown control directions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2018 in Automatica

Research funded by Australian Research Council (DP130103610,DP160104500,61375072,61603118,61273134) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (DP130103610,DP160104500,61375072,61603118,61273134)

Authors: Chao Huang | Changbin (Brad) Yu

Optimal design of adaptive tracking controllers for non-linear systems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 1997 in Automatica

Authors: Zhong-Hua Li | Miroslav Krstić

Experimental results on adaptive nonlinear control and input preshaping for multi-link flexible manipulators

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1995 in Automatica

Authors: Farshad Khorrami | Sandeep Jain | Anthony Tzes