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Some approximations of n-copulas

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2010 in Metrika

Authors: Piotr Mikusiński | Michael D. Taylor

Some Integration-by-Parts Formulas Involving 2-Copulas

BOOK CHAPTER published 2002 in Distributions With Given Marginals and Statistical Modelling

Authors: X. Li | P. Mikusiński | M. D. Taylor

Multivariate copulas with quadratic sections in one variable

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2010 in Metrika

Authors: José Antonio Rodríguez-Lallena | Manuel Úbeda-Flores

Markov operators and n-copulas

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2009 in Annales Polonici Mathematici

Authors: P. Mikusiński | M. D. Taylor

On Approximation of Copulas

BOOK CHAPTER published 1997 in Distributions with given Marginals and Moment Problems

Authors: X. Li | P. Mikusiński | H. Sherwood | M. D. Taylor

Probabilistic Interpretations of Copulas and Their Convex Sums

BOOK CHAPTER published 1991 in Advances in Probability Distributions with Given Marginals

Authors: P. Mikusiński | H. Sherwood | M. D. Taylor

Saddlepoint approximations for the distribution of some robust estimators of the variogram

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2020 in Metrika

Research funded by Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad, Gobierno de España (MTM 2015-67057-P)

Authors: A. García-Pérez

Ranks, copulas, and permutons

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2024 in Metrika

Authors: R. Grübel

Strong Approximation of Copulas

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 1998 in Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications

Authors: X Li | P Mikusiński | M.D Taylor

A new extension of bivariate FGM copulas

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2009 in Metrika

Authors: Cécile Amblard | Stéphane Girard

Moment-based estimation of extendible Marshall-Olkin copulas

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2012 in Metrika

Authors: Christian Hering | Jan-Frederik Mai

A method to obtain new copulas from a given one

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2005 in Metrika

Authors: Patricia Mariela Morillas

Constructing Generalized FGM Copulas by Means of Certain Univariate Distributions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 27 January 2007 in Metrika

Authors: Matthias Fischer | Ingo Klein

A note on relationships between some univariate stochastic orders and the corresponding joint stochastic orders

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2015 in Metrika

Authors: Franco Pellerey | Saeed Zalzadeh

Some characterizations of distributions by regression models for ordinal response data

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1985 in Metrika

Authors: J. Engel

An extension of the Gumbel–Barnett family of copulas

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2022 in Metrika

Authors: Walter Diaz | Carles M. Cuadras

On direction of dependence

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2010 in Metrika

Authors: Yadolah Dodge | Iraj Yadegari

Some results on classifier selection with missing covariates

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2012 in Metrika

Authors: Majid Mojirsheibani

Estimation of Fisher information using model selection

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2010 in Metrika

Authors: Jan Mielniczuk | Małgorzata Wojtyś

Investigating design for survival models

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2010 in Metrika

Authors: J. M. McGree | J. A. Eccleston