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A Derivative-Free Approach to Constrained Multiobjective Nonsmooth Optimization

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2016 in SIAM Journal on Optimization

Authors: G. Liuzzi | S. Lucidi | F. Rinaldi

Distributed Optimization Over Directed Graphs with Continuous-Time Algorithm

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published July 2019 in 2019 Chinese Control Conference (CCC)

Authors: Wenwen Jia | Sitian Qin

Manifold constrained joint sparse learning via non-convex regularization

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2021 in Neurocomputing

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (12001019,62074041) | Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai (19ZR1420800,20ZR1421300)

Authors: Jingjing Liu | Xianchao Xiu | Xin Jiang | Wanquan Liu | Xiaoyang Zeng | Mingyu Wang | Hui Chen

Appendix B: Convex and Nonsmooth Analysis

OTHER published January 2011 in Dynamics with Inequalities

The Subdifferential of a Convex Function

BOOK CHAPTER published 2014 in An Introduction to Nonsmooth Analysis

Authors: Juan Ferrera

Improved delay-dependent stability condition for delayed T-S fuzzy systems via convex analysis approach

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published July 2016 in 2016 35th Chinese Control Conference (CCC)

Authors: Ling Huang | Xuhuan Xie | Wenbo Xie

Nonsmooth Current-Constrained Control for a DC–DC Synchronous Buck Converter with Disturbances via Finite-Time-Convergent Extended State Observers

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 23 December 2019 in Electronics

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61903186)

Authors: Qiqing Miao | Zhenxing Sun | Xinghua Zhang

Convexity in Non-convex Optimizations of Streaming Applications

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published December 2012 in 2012 IEEE 18th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems

Authors: Shobana Padmanabhan | Yixin Chen | Roger D. Chamberlain

Distributed Continuous-Time Convex Optimization With Time-Varying Cost Functions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2017 in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control

Research funded by NSF (CMMI-1537729,ECCS-1611423)

Authors: Salar Rahili | Wei Ren

Solving a class of nonsmooth resource allocation problems with directed graphs through distributed Lipschitz continuous multi-proximal algorithms

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2022 in Automatica

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61720106011,61873033,61903035,U1913602) | China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2020M672747) | Key Laboratory of Engineering Plastics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2019-XZ-7)

Authors: Yue Wei | Chengsi Shang | Hao Fang | Xianlin Zeng | Lihua Dou | Panos Pardalos

Robust Distributed Model Predictive Control of Constrained Continuous-Time Nonlinear Systems: A Robustness Constraint Approach

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2014 in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control

Research funded by State Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical Power System with Renewable Energy Sources under (LAPS13013)

Authors: Huiping Li | Yang Shi

A Distributed and Cooperative Target Localization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published 2005 in Sixth International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Applications and Technologies (PDCAT'05)

Continuous-Time H 2 - Control of Markovian Jump Linear Systems via Convex Analysis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 1996 in IFAC Proceedings Volumes

Authors: O.L.V. Costa | J.B.R. do Val | J.C. Geromel

Unsupervised real-time constrained linear discriminant analysis to hyperspectral image classification

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2007 in Pattern Recognition

Authors: Qian Du

Distributed/Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Road Traffic Network Division Using a Hybrid Island Model/Step Parallelization Approach

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published September 2016 in 2016 IEEE/ACM 20th International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications (DS-RT)

Authors: Tomas Potuzak

Descent Methods for Nonsmooth Convex Constrained Minimization

BOOK CHAPTER published 1985 in Nondifferentiable Optimization: Motivations and Applications

Authors: K. C. Kiwiel

Continuous-Time Coordination Algorithm for Distributed Convex Optimization Over Weight-Unbalanced Directed Networks

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2019 in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61673107,61722303) | Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (BK20170079) | Australian Research Council (DE180101268) | General Joint Fund of the Equipment Advance Research Program of Ministry of Education (6141A020223) | Science and Technology Project of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company, Ltd (5211JY17000P) | Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Networked Collective Intelligence (BM2017002) | National Science Foundation (ECCS-1611423)

Authors: Yanan Zhu | Wenwu Yu | Guanghui Wen | Wei Ren

A fast primal-dual algorithm via dynamical system with variable mass for linearly constrained convex optimization

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 January 2024 in Optimization Letters

Research funded by Natural Science Foundation of China (12071108,11671116)

Authors: Ziyi Jiang | Dan Wang | Xinwei Liu

Constrained incremental bundle method with partial inexact oracle for nonsmooth convex semi-infinite programming problems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2016 in Computational Optimization and Applications

Research funded by Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant (11171049) | Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant (31271077)

Authors: Li-Ping Pang | Jian Lv | Jin-He Wang

An Algorithm for Nonsmooth Convex Minimization With Errors

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1985 in Mathematics of Computation

Authors: Krzysztof C. Kiwiel