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Adaptive Population Size for Univariate Marginal Distribution Algorithm

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published in 2005 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation

Distributed multi-agent optimization via event-triggered based continuous-time Newton–Raphson algorithm

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2018 in Neurocomputing

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61433004,61627809,61621004)

Authors: Yushuai Li | Huaguang Zhang | Ji Han | Qiuye Sun

Slice-continuous sets in reflexive Banach spaces: convex constrained optimization and strict convex separation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2005 in Journal of Functional Analysis

Authors: Emil Ernst | Michel Théra | Constantin Zălinescu

Periodic and event-triggered communication for distributed continuous-time convex optimization

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published June 2014 in 2014 American Control Conference

Authors: Solmaz S. Kia | Jorge Cortes | Sonia Martinez

An attack-resilient distributed DC optimal power flow algorithm via neighborhood monitoring

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published July 2016 in 2016 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM)

Authors: Jie Duan | Wente Zeng | Mo-Yuen Chow

A Continuous-time Algorithm with the Sigmoid Function for Distributed Constrained Optimization of Multi-agent Systems

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published 13 November 2020 in 2020 7th International Conference on Information, Cybernetics, and Computational Social Systems (ICCSS)

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61973050,61773089) | Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (DUT20GJ209,DUT20JC14)

Authors: Mingfei Chen | Dong Wang | Zhu Wang | Wei Wang

Consensus-based Distributed Kalman-Bucy Filter for Continuous-time Systems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2016 in IFAC-PapersOnLine

Authors: Jingbo Wu | Anja Elser | Shen Zeng | Frank Allgöwer

On Second-Order Properties of the Moreau–Yosida Regularization for Constrained Nonsmooth Convex Programs

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2004 in Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization

Authors: Fanwen Meng | Gongyun Zhao

A low-cost alternating projection approach for a continuous formulation of convex and cardinality constrained optimization


Authors: Natasa Krejic | Evelin H M Krulikovski | Marcos Raydan

Numerical Analysis of Cable Networks

BOOK CHAPTER published 5 April 2011 in Nonsmooth Mechanics and Convex Optimization

Numerical Analysis of Cable Networks

BOOK CHAPTER published 5 April 2011 in Nonsmooth Mechanics and Convex Optimization

Convex Functions

BOOK CHAPTER published 2014 in An Introduction to Nonsmooth Analysis

Authors: Juan Ferrera

Evolution Differential Inclusion with Projection for Solving Constrained Nonsmooth Convex Optimization in Hilbert Space

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2012 in Set-Valued and Variational Analysis

Authors: Wei Bian | Xiaoping Xue

Continuous-time envelope-constrained filter design via DSP approach

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2001 in IEE Proceedings - Vision, Image, and Signal Processing

Authors: B. Vo | A. Cantoni

Continuous-time distributed convex optimization on weight-balanced digraphs

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published December 2012 in 2012 IEEE 51st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)

Authors: Bahman Gharesifard | Jorge Cortes

Canonical Duality in Nonsmooth, Constrained Concave Minimization

BOOK CHAPTER published in Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics

Authors: David Y. Gao

Distributed Convex Optimization for Continuous-Time Multi-Agent Systems with Nonlinear Coupling Uncertainties


Authors: Sen Chen | Wenyan Bai | Zhi-Liang Zhao | Wenchao Xue

Constrained Continuous-time Proportional Integral Derivative Control Based on Convex Algorithms

BOOK CHAPTER published 2010 in Stochastic Distribution Control System Design

Continuous-Time Distributed Subgradient Algorithm for Convex Optimization With General Constraints

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2019 in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61673107,61673104,61528301,61722303) | Science and Technology Project of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd (5211JY17000P) | National Ten Thousand Talent Program for Young Top-Notch Talents (W2070082) | Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Networked Collective Intelligence (BM2017002) | National Science Foundation (ECCS-1611423) | Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (BK20170079) | Hong Kong Research Grants Council (U 11200317)

Authors: Yanan Zhu | Wenwu Yu | Guanghui Wen | Guanrong Chen | Wei Ren

Auto-design-based optimizations of prestressed frames using an ANN-based Hong-Lagrange algorithm


Authors: Won-Kee Hong | Tien Dat