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Differentially private distributed convex optimization via objective perturbation

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published July 2016 in 2016 American Control Conference (ACC)

Authors: Erfan Nozari | Pavankumar Tallapragada | Jorge Cortes

Distributed Adaptive Convex Optimization on Directed Graphs via Continuous-Time Algorithms

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2018 in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61473005) | Foundation for the Author of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of China, 111 Project (B08015)

Authors: Zhenhong Li | Zhengtao Ding | Junyong Sun | Zhongkui Li

Auto-design-based optimizations of prestressed frames using an ANN-based Hong-Lagrange algorithm


Authors: Won-Kee Hong | Tien Dat

Continuous-time state-feedback H2-control of Markovian jump linear systems via convex analysis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1999 in Automatica

Authors: O.L.V. Costa | J.B.R. do Val | J.C. Geromel

Resource Scheduling Based on Improved FCM Algorithm for Mobile Cloud Computing

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published December 2016 in 2016 IEEE 22nd International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS)

Authors: Wu Hong-Qiang | Li Xiao-Yong | Fang Bin-Xing | Wang Yi-Ping

Non-convex states constrained system control algorithm via geometric techniques

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published in Proceedings of the 4th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (Cat. No.02EX527)

Distributed Continuous-Time Algorithm for Constrained Optimization of Networked Euler–Lagrange Systems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2021 in IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (62073028,U19B2029,61833009,61873140,61703229) | Beijing Natural Science Foundation (JQ20013) | China Central Universities of USTB (FRF-TP-19-018A3)

Authors: Yao Zou | Bomin Huang | Ziyang Meng

Feature-based algorithm selection for constrained continuous optimisation

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published July 2016 in 2016 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC)

Authors: Frank Neumann | Shayan Poursoltan

Optimization of Noisy Fitness Functions with Univariate Marginal Distribution Algorithm

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published in 2005 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation

Regret and Cumulative Constraint Violation Analysis for Distributed Online Constrained Convex Optimization

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2023 in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control

Research funded by Ministry of Education of Republic of Singapore (AcRF TIER 1- 2019-T1-001-088) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (62003243,61991403,61991404,61991400)

Authors: Xinlei Yi | Xiuxian Li | Tao Yang | Lihua Xie | Tianyou Chai | Karl Henrik Johansson

Distributed Multiproximal Algorithm for Nonsmooth Convex Optimization With Coupled Inequality Constraints

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2023 in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (62103223,62273195,61925303,62088101,U19B2029) | Beijing Natural Science Foundation (JQ20013)

Authors: Yi Huang | Ziyang Meng | Jian Sun | Wei Ren

Fault-tolerant Distributed Continuous Double Auctioning on Computationally Constrained Microgrids

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published 2016 in Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy

Authors: Anesu M. C. Marufu | Anne V. D. M. Kayem | Stephen Wolthusen

Convex Analysis

BOOK CHAPTER published May 1992 in Nonsmooth Optimization

Zero-gradient-sum algorithms for distributed convex optimization: The continuous-time case

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published June 2011 in Proceedings of the 2011 American Control Conference

An algorithm for data analysis via polyhedral optimization

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published May 2017 in 2017 Constructive Nonsmooth Analysis and Related Topics (dedicated to the memory of V.F. Demyanov) (CNSA)

Authors: Zulfiya Gabidullina

A spectral gradient algorithm for nonsmooth convex minimization

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published September 2012 in 2012 4th Electronic System-Integration Technology Conference

Authors: Gonglin Yuan | Zengxin Wei

Nonconvex nonsmooth optimization via convex–nonconvex majorization–minimization

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2017 in Numerische Mathematik

Authors: A. Lanza | S. Morigi | I. Selesnick | F. Sgallari

Distributed Optimization Design of Continuous-Time Multiagent Systems With Unknown-Frequency Disturbances

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2017 in IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics

Research funded by National Key Research and Development Program of China (2016YFB0901902) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (61503359,61273090,61333001,61403030,61422307,61673361) | Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (WK 2100100027) | Anhui Provincial Natural Science Foundation (1608085QF152)

Authors: Xinghu Wang | Yiguang Hong | Peng Yi | Haibo Ji | Yu Kang

Distributed constrained convex optimization over digraphs: A Fenchel dual based approach

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2020 in IFAC-PapersOnLine

Authors: Yanan Zhu | Wenwu Yu | Guanghui Wen

Robust Distributed Model Predictive Control of Constrained Continuous-Time Nonlinear Systems Using Two-Layer Invariant Sets

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 June 2016 in Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control

Authors: Xiaotao Liu | Yang Shi | Daniela Constantinescu