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Agency and intermediate phase writing in a farm school

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 June 2015 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Margaret A. Hill

Writing skills and strategies of bilingual immigrant students learning Greek as a second language and English as a foreign language

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 September 2013 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Eleni Griva | Dora Chostelidou

Phonological awareness and speech perception: Skills of Grade 1 English second language learners

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 27 May 2020 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Casey J. Eslick | Mia le Roux | Salome Geertsema | Lidia Pottas

Lessons learnt: Observation of Grade 4 reading comprehension teaching in South African schools across the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) 2006 achievement spectrum

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 December 2014 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Lisa Zimmerman

Acknowledgement to reviewers

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 December 2018 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Editorial Office

Imagination, Waldorf, and critical literacies: Possibilities for transformative education in mainstream schools

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 July 2016 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Monica Shank

Reading for empowerment: Intertextuality offers creative possibilities for enlightened citizenry

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 8 August 2012 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Fetson Kalua

Multiple voices: Learners reflect on literature

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 August 2021 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Jessamy Kromhout | Eileen Scheckle

First-year students’ essay writing practices: Formative feedback and interim literacies

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 March 2016 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Emmanuel Esambe | Cina Mosito | Subethra Pather

Student perceptions of multilingualism and the culture of communication in journalism studies in higher education

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 May 2020 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Sisanda B. Nkoala

Perceptions of undergraduates on the relationship between exposure to blended learning and online critical literacy skills

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 October 2019 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Titi J. Fola-Adebayo

Pre-service teacher investment through dialogic action learning

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 22 January 2024 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Ilse Fouché

Semantic waves and their affordances for teaching scaffolding to pre-service teachers

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 29 July 2022 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Zaheera Jina Asvat

Cultural and social uses of orality and functional literacy: A narrative approach

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 October 2016 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Lineo R. Johnson

Use of mobile phones as supplementary teaching and learning tools to learners in South Africa

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 25 September 2018 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Nandipha Ngesi | Nhlanhla Landa | Nophawu Madikiza | Madoda P. Cekiso | Baba Tshotsho | Lynne M. Walters

Authentic learning for teaching reading: Foundation phase pre-service student teachers’ learning experiences of creating and using digital stories in real classrooms

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 24 October 2016 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Trevor Moodley | Shelley Aronstam

Information and communication technology reading interventions: A scoping review

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 23 March 2021 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Jessica Dean | Michelle Pascoe | Jane le Roux

Using role play and explicit strategy instruction to improve first-year students’ academic reading proficiency

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 27 October 2021 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Naomi A.Y. Boakye

‘I got content with who I was’: Rural teachers’ encounters with new ways of practising literacy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 July 2016 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Toni Gennrich

Developing critical thinking in classrooms: Teacher responses to a Reading-for-Meaning workshop

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 January 2023 in Reading & Writing

Authors: Heather N. Phillips